Pam Global® S pipes are used in house plumbing and they can use for removal of wastewater in the business centers, laboratories, high-rise buildings and other buildings with high requirements for fire safety and soundproofing.

In the our Pam Global catalogue is presented not only pipes and fittings for drainage system but also connecting elements and other equipment for installation of sewer system.


Socketless sewage pipes and fittings PAM-GLOBAL® S

Pam plus PAM-GLOBAL® Plus

Socketless sewage pipes and fittings PAM-GLOBAL® Plus

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Connecting couplings Pam Global for SML pipes

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Strengthen SML collars Pam Global

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Transition connectors PAM-GLOBAL® KONFIX to connect foreign materials



Sinikon Standart draimage system is made of modern polymer materials. Its service life is at least 50 years. The system is resistant to corrosion and chemistry.

Standart Sinikon Standart

Sinikon Standart draimage system

Cimfort Sinikon Comfort Plus

Sinikon Comfort Plus sound-absorbing drainage system

Rain Sinikon Rain Flow

Sinikon Rain Flow rainwater system

Universal Sinikon Universal

Sinikon Universal is universal drainage system

Pvc uPVC Outdoor sewerage

Sinicon outdoor drainage system

Sinikon evo Sinikon Thermoline

Sinikon Thermoline

Sinik axial Axial fittings

Sinicon axial fittings

Sin drains Sinikon drains

Sinikon drains: unregulated and adjustable

Sin clamps Sinikon clamps

Metal and plastic Sinikon clamps

Giacomini Giacomini manifolds

Manifolds and fittings for them Giacomini

HL (Hutterer Lechner)


The HL traps are designed for various equipment and they withstand of wastewater with high temperature (up to + 95 °C). One of the hallmarks of HL traps is their special design, so that they are not clogged. Also the models HL traps can have ball-joint outlet, which simplifies the process of their installation under baths and shower trays.

Sifon Washing Devices

Traps HL

Trap Drains

Drains HL

Voronka Roof Drains

Roof Drains Hutterer & Lechner

Zatvor Anti Flood Valves

Anti Flood Valves HL

Klap Air Admittance Valves

Air condition and ventilation HL

Priemnik Rain Hoppers

Rain water hoppers

Patrubok Toilet

Toilet products HL

Product Attachments

Attachments HL



Hauraton drainage systems for civil engineering are made of high-quality and high-strength concrete, as well as high-quality steel and cast iron which are used for gratings of drainage channels. Hauraton drainage channels have high strength characteristics and attractive design.

Civil Civil drainage

Hauraton Drainage solution for civil engineering

Landshaft Domestic and landscaping

Hauraton drainage solutions for domastic and landscaping

Sport hauraton Sport

Hauraton drainage range for stadiums and sport facilities

Hauraton infiltration Infiltration

Hauraton water treatment systems



OGNEZA-PM - Russian-made fire collars with a fire resistance rating up to 180 minutes. The housing of the collar is made of high-quality steel, the thermally expanding liner is made of the thermally expanding material OGNEZA-TRM. Fire collars are easy to install and dismantle.

Ogneza mufta Fire protection OGNEZA

Fire-fighting collars and other fire protection OGNEZA

Additional Equipment


Universal clamps are used for reliable fastening elements of PAM-GLOBAL SML sewage system and installed with pipes and fittings DN 54-250 mm. You can use the clamps on difficult sections of pipeline.

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Pipe clamps

%d0%9a%d0%be%d0%bd%d1%81%d0%be%d0%bb%d0%b8 Cantilever for supporting pipes

Cantilever for supporting pipes

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Cutters for steel, copper and plastic pipes

Norma Couplings NORMA

Pipe couplings NORMA

Contec Contec couplings

Contec connecting couplings and powerful collars

Sant goban Repair and connecting fittings

SAINT-GOBAIN PAM repair and connecting fittings

Mufts industrial Industrial fittings

Industrial fittings

Pzm clamps VMP clamps

VMP Plumbing clamps



OGRAKS-PM fire protection is a two-piece collar. There is an insert made of a special fire retardant material “Ograx” in the metal frame of the collar. Collars are highly fire resistant and durable.

Ograx mufta OGRAX collars

OGRAX fire collars



Phoenix PPM fire collars can be installed in homes, hospitals, shopping centers, industrial buildings etc. They have high fire resistance, durability, ease of installation.

Fenix mufta Phoenix collars

Phoenix fire collars

Unix Unix sealing systems

Unix sealing systems



Ostendorf HT drainage system is made of modified polypropylene and is suitable for installation drainage system, rainwater drainage system and ventilation systems.

Ht Ostendorf HT

Ostendorf HT internal drainage system

Skolan Ostendorf Skolan Safe

Ostendorf Skolan Safe noiseless drainage system

Kg Ostendorf KG

Ostendorf KG outer flared drainage system

Kg2000 Ostendorf KG2000

Ostendorf KG2000 outdoor improved drainage system

Dop Attachments

Additional assortment for Ostendorf pipeline

Kolodec Ostendorf Chambers

Ostendorf chambers of plastic



Polypropylene pipes and fittings RTP ALPHA for heating and water supply systems are resistant to corrosion. They are manufactured on modern equipment, go through strict quality control and fully meet all safety requirements.

Rtp ppr PP-R system

RosTurPlast ALPHA system

Rtp vk Internal sewerage RTP

Pipes and fittings for internal sewerage RosTurPlast BETA

Rtp low Low-noise sewerage RTP

Low-noise sewerage RosTurPlast BETA ELITE

Rtp pex PEX-A and Axial Fittings

RosTurPlast Universal axial fittings and pipes PE-Xa / PE-RT

Rtp naruz External sewerage RTP

External non-pressure sewage system RosTurPlast BETA ORANGE

Rtp pnd HDPE system

HDPE pipes and compression fittings RosTurPlast GAMMA

Rtp brass RTP brass fittings

Threaded fittings Rosturplast SIGMA

Rtp valve Shut-off valves RTP

Shut-off valves Rosturplast

Rtp drain RTP Drains

Drains for sewer systems RosTurPlast

Rtp tool Mounting tool RTP

Mounting tool RosTurPlast

Rtp sanfix Sealants and lubricants

SANFIX Sealants and lubricants



Termoclip mounting systems are made from high quality materials. Mounting elements are durable, safe and reliable. They can be used for light, heavy and extra heavy loads.

Termoclip Mounting elements

Termoclip mounting systems for engineering systems



Chemkor domestic sewer pipes and fittings are chemical resistant, easy to install without the need for special equipment, and have a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Chmkor vn Chemkor Internal sewerage

Pipes and fittings Chemkor for internal sewerage

Chmkor shumex Chemkor Shumeks

Low-noise sewerage system Shumeks from Chemkor

Chmkor napor Chemkor Pressure pipelines

Chemcore Pressure Piping System

Chmkor naruz Chemkor Outdoor sewerage

Chemkor external sewage system

Chmkor dop Chemkor Additional assortment

Casing pipes and accessories for wells Chemkor



Aquaviva pipes and fittings are made of PVC. They have a wide range of diameters - from 20 to 315 mm. They differ in hygienic safety, tightness of connections and durability.

Acvaviva pvh PVC pipes and fittings

Aquaviva PVC pipes and fittings



Drains, roof outlets, roof fences, aerators, mounting elements and other Fachmann roofing and plumbing equipment are manufactured using the most modern equipment from high-quality materials.

Fachmann drain Roofing and other equipment

Roof outlets and drains Fachmann



The VALTEC piping system made of polypropylene is designed for installation of heating and plumbing systems. Pipes and fittings are durable, resistant to corrosion and chemicals.

Valtec pp Polypropylene system

VALTEC polypropylene piping systems

Multilayer Multilayer systems

Valtec Multilayer pipeline system

Steel Steel systems

VALTEC VT.INOX-PRESS stainless steel piping system

Heating Heating systems

VALTEC Heating systems

Vodozabor Water-sealing fittings

VALTEC Water-sealing fittings

Valtec klapan Valves and reducers

VALTEC control valves

Rezbovie fittingi Threaded fittings

Valtec Threaded fittings

Valtec kollector Manifold kite

VALTEC Manifold kite

Valtec radiator Heating radiators

Heating radiators and VALTEC components for them

Valtec termoreg Radiator fittings

Valtec manual or automatic (thermostatic) valves for radiators

Valtec kontrol Monitoring and measuring devices

Valtec Monitoring and measuring devices

Valtec pribor Measuring device

Water and energy metering devices Valtec

Tool Tool and clips

Valtec Tool and clips


Ibp brend

IBP B-Press press fittings can be used with copper pipes for installation of heating systems and water applications, including drinking water. They are made of high-quality copper and yellow brass.

B press B-Press

B-Press copper and gunmetal press-fittings

Inox B-Press Inox

IBP B-Press Inox pipeline system of stainless steel

Carbon B-Press Carbon

IBP B-Press Carbon pipeline system of carbon steel

Adapters Threaded brass adapters

IBP Threaded brass adapters for water and heating systems, and technical pipelines

Ibp bronza IBP Bronze fittings

Bronze fittings IBP

Ibp paika IBP Solder fittings

IBP copper and bronze solder fittings

Ibp santeh Plumbing equipment

IBP plumbing equipment



Pipes and fittings made of high quality polyethylene are designed for installation of water and gas transmission systems. They are environmentally friendly, easy to install and have a long service life - at least 50 years.

Alpha system PE system

PE system AlfaPipe



Comer is an Italian brand of fittings and valves for pipelines for various purposes. System elements are made of high quality PVC-U, working pressure up to 16 bar.

Comer pipe Pipes and valves

Pipes, fittings and valves Comer



KAN-Therm PP is a high-quality polypropylene system that is resistant to chemicals, corrosion and salt deposits. Differs in durability, low thermal conductivity.

Kan pp KAN-Therm PP

KAN-Therm PP of polypropylene

Kan press KAN-therm ultraPRESS

KAN-therm ultraPRESS press system



Wavin AS+ is a new piping system with a high level of sound absorption. It is made of polypropylene reinforced with minerals.

As Wavin AS+

Wavin AS+

Optima wawin Wavin Optima

Pipeline system Wavin Optima

Kolodec wawin Wavin chambers

Wavin inspection chambers

Xstream Wavin X-Stream

Outdoor drainage system Wavin X-Stream

Ml Wavin ML

Outdoor Sewage System Wavin Multilayer

Drenaz Drainage system

Wavin drainage system made of PVC

Qickstream Wavin QuickStream

Siphonic roof drainage system Wavin QuickStream

Napor Pressure Pipe system

PVC pressure pipe system Wavin

Future Wavin Future K1

Press-fit system for metal plastic pipes Wavin Future K1

Si tech Wavin SiTech+

Wavin SiTech+ sound insulation drainage system

Wavin traps Wavin HepvO

Wavin HepvO waste valves

Asto wawin Wavin Asto

Drainage system Wavin Asto with sound insulation



Novopress press tools are designed for reliable and durable pressing of piping systems. Press tools have an ergonomic shape, they are economical.

Novopress Press tools

Novopress German press tools

Novopress nasadki Jaws

Press jaws and press collars for Novopress pressing tools



EFFAST PVC-U fittings are painted dark grey. They are durable, reliable and easy to install. They are suitable for industrial and utility pipelines.

Effast fitting PVCu fittings

PVCu EFFAST fittings

Effast valve PVCu valves

PVCu EFFAST shut-off valves

Viking Johnson


Viking Johnson AquaFast - couplings and flange adapters that are durable and resistant to corrosion and various damage. They are suitable for the installation of pipes made of PE and PVC.

Aquafast AquaFast

Viking Johnson AquaFast connection fittings

Maxifit MaxiFit

Viking Johnson MaxiFit connecting fittings

Ultragrip UltraGrip

Viking Johnson UltraGrip connecting fittings



Viega Sanpress Inox piping system is made of stainless steel and is suitable for heating and plumbing systems, as well as rainwater, agriculture, industry and compressed air systems.

Sanpress Sanpress Inox

Viega Sanpress Inox - pipeline system of stainless steel

Prestabo Prestabo

Viega Prestabo press system of non-alloy steel

Pexfit Pexfit Pro

Viega Pexfit Pro piping system of cross-linked polyethylene

Profipress Profipress

Viega Profipress press fittings of copper and gunmetal

Megapress MegaPress

Viega MegaPress press system of steel

Fonterra Fonterra

Underfloor heating Viega Fonterra

Smart Smartpress

VIEGA Smartpress

Bronza Bronze fittings

Viega Gunmetal fittings

Paika Solder fittings

Viega Soldered fittings of gunnmetal or copper

Easytop Easytop

Viega Easytop shut-off and control valves

Gas Gas fittings

VIEGA gas fittings

Kanalizaciya Pipe valves

Viega drainage fittings

Tool Tool

Tools for Viega pipeline



ATT drains can be single-body or double-body. They are made of high quality steel. They have a simple construction, are distinguished by easy cleaning and simple installation.

Drain ATT Drains

ATT Drains of high quality steel

Hatch Inspection hatches

Inspection hatches of V2A steel



Tatpolymer produces various drainage elements: roof drains, drains, aerators, etc. All products have a long service life, are made from high-quality raw materials, are resistant to ultraviolet light and pollution.

Tatpolimer drains Tatpolymer Drainage

Tatpolymer Drains for sewage system


Gudrolica brend


Upobor brend

Uponor multilayer systems are made of high–quality raw materials: fittings are made of corrosion–resistant brass or PPSU; and pipes are made of polyethylene with increased heat resistance, glued with an aluminum layer.

Upobor press Uponor Multilayer system

Uponor multilayer system

Upobor htp Uponor HTP

Internal sewerage Uponor HTP

Upobor decibel Uponor Decibel

Uponor Decibel internal sewerage system

Upobor pe Uponor Stitched PE

PE-Xa crosslinked polyethylene pipes and Uponor fittings

Upobor thermal Uponor Thermally insulated pipeline

Thermal insulation pipes of Uponor Systems and shaped elements made of brass

Upobor heating Uponor Underfloor heating

Pipes and other elements of Uponor underfloor heating

Upobor vent Uponor Ventilation

Uponor Ventilation ventilation system

Upobor rtm Uponor RTM

Uponor RTM system

Upobor tool Uponor Tools and installation

Uponor Battery Tools



MAYER fasteners are made from high-quality raw materials. Clamps for normal and high loads are available, as well as sets of clamps, including the clamp itself and a stud with a dowel.

Mayer homut Fasteners

MAYER fasteners


Onix brand

The ONIKS company produces various cleaning equipment, septic tanks, wells, storage tanks, cellars, bought, etc. All products are certified, corrosion-resistant and durable (service life of at least 50 years).

Onix seriya ONIKS equipment

ONIKS equipment


Ruscrep brend

RusKrep fasteners are made of high-quality materials and meet the highest requirements for safety and product quality. They are suitable for installation of ventilation and piping systems, and fasteners for traffic lights/road signs are also available.

Ruscrep fastering Fastening elements

RusKrep fastening elements

Cast iron systems

Cast brend

Pipes and fittings made of high-strength cast iron with spherical graphite (HCG) meet all standards and requirements. They are characterized by durability, reliability, mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and ease of installation. They are great for water supply and sewerage systems.

Cast iron Cast iron

Pipes and fittings made of high-strength cast iron with spherical graphite



REHAU RAUTITAN is pipeline system which it feature is connection technique with compression sleeve. You can load of pressure and temperature RAUTITAN pipes right after installation.


REHAU RAUTITAN water and floor services system

Plintus Baseboard channels

Radiator connection systems skirtings RAUDUO and RAUSOLO


Sound absorbing sewerage system RAUPIANO PLUS

Instrumenty rehau REHAU tools

REHAU RAUTOOL installation tools



Geberit PE pipe systems are used for industry, commercial or laboratory facilities. Pipes and fittings are resistant to high temperatures. It is resistant against around 95% of all commercially available alkalis, acids and chemicals.

Geb hdpe Geberit HDPE

Geberit HDPE drainage system

Geb silent pp Geberit Silent-PP

Geberit Silent-PP socket drainage system with sound insulation

Geb b20 Geberit Silent-db20

Geberit Silent-db20 sound absorbing drainage system

Silent pro Geberit Silent-Pro

Geberit Silent-Pro - high sound-insulating drainage plug-in system

Geb voronka Geberit Pluvia

Geberit Pluvia roof drainage system

Geb mepla Geberit Mepla

Geberit Mepla pressure pipe system

Geb mapress Geberit Mapress

Geberit Mapress pressure pipe system

Volex Geberit Volex

Geberit Volex - system for hot and cold water supply systems as well as radiator and underfloor heating systems

Geb drains Geberit drains

Drains and connections for WC Geberit

Geb tools Geberit tools

Pressing tools Geberit and software

Wavin Ekoplastik


Wavin Ekoplastik PPRC pipeline system is made of polypropylene. Elements of the system are low in weight, resistant to corrosion, environmental and hygienic safety, they are easily and quickly installed.

Pprc Ekoplastik PPRC

Wavin Ekoplastik PPRC pipeline system for heating systems and water applications

Therm Ekoplastik Therm

Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS for heating systems

Obotudovanie Equipments

Equipment for installation of Wavin Ekoplastik pipeline system