Pam Global ® S pipes are used in house plumbing and they can use for removal of wastewater in the business centers, laboratories, high-rise buildings and other buildings with high requirements for fire safety and soundproofing.

In the our Pam Global catalogue is presented not only pipes and fittings for drainage system but also connecting elements and other equipment for installation of sewer system.


Socketless sewage pipes and fittings PAM-GLOBAL® S

Pam plus PAM-GLOBAL® Plus

Socketless sewage pipes and fittings PAM-GLOBAL® Plus

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Connecting couplings Pam Global for SML pipes

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Strengthen SML collars Pam Global

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Transition connectors PAM-GLOBAL® KONFIX to connect foreign materials

HL (Hutterer Lechner)


The HL drains are used for disposal of wastewater into the sewerage system and they install in the buildings or in the open air. HL drains can withstand load from 150 kg to 15 tonnes, and they are connected to pipes with the diameters ranging from 40 to 160 mm. The majority of models are equipped with a round or square cover.

Sifon Washing Devices

Traps HL

Trap Drains

Drains HL

Voronka Roof Drains

Roof Drains Hutterer & Lechner

Zatvor Anti Flood Valves

Anti Flood Valves HL

Klap Air Admittance Valves

Air condition and ventilation HL

Priemnik Rain Hoppers

Rain water hoppers

Patrubok Toilet

Toilet products HL

Product Attachments

Attachments HL

Additional Equipment


Exact PipeCut Systems and accessories are the perfect choice for professionals. They have many advantages over other similar tools. The main advantage of Exact pipe cutters is their versatility.

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Cantilever for supporting pipes

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Cutters for steel, copper and plastic pipes

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Pipe clamps PAM-GLOBAL



Geberit Silent-db20 is drainage system for buildings with increased levels of sound proofing. Outstanding acoustical insulation properties are achieved by the mineral reinforced plastic and sound insulation ribs in the impact zones further reduce noise development.

Trap geberit Geberit drains

Drains and connections for WC Geberit

Hdpe Geberit HDPE

Geberit HDPE drainage system

Pp Geberit Silent-PP

Geberit Silent-PP socket drainage system with sound insulation

Db Geberit Silent-db20

Geberit Silent-db20 sound absorbing drainage system

Pluvia Geberit Pluvia

Geberit Pluvia roof drainage system

Mepla2 Geberit Mepla

Geberit Mepla pressure pipe system

Mapress Geberit Mapress

Geberit Mapress pressure pipe system

Instrument Geberit tools

Pressing tools Geberit and software



REHAU RAUTITAN is pipeline system which it feature is connection technique with compression sleeve. You can load of pressure and temperature RAUTITAN pipes right after installation.


REHAU RAUTITAN water and floor services system


Sound absorbing sewerage system RAUPIANO PLUS

Instrumenty rehau REHAU tools

REHAU RAUTOOL installation tools

Wavin Ecoplastik


Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS heating system is made of modified polypropylene PPR-CT and PPR. It is resistant to high temperatures and pressure.

Pprc Ecoplastik PPRC

Wavin Ecoplastik PPRC pipeline system for heating systems and water applications

Therm Ecoplastik Therm

Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS for heating systems

Obotudovanie Equipments

Equipment for installation of Wavin Ecoplastik pipeline system



Wavin chambers are designed for installation on sewage networks for different purposes, including household affairs. Wavin chambers are classified by functionality on: inspection, stormwater, serviced, wellhole, water meter shaft, extension.

Asto wawin Wavin Asto

Drainage system Wavin Asto with sound insulation

Optima wawin Wavin Optima

Pipeline system Wavin Optima

Kolodec wawin Wavin chambers

Wavin inspection chambers

Xstream Wavin X-Stream

Outdoor drainage system Wavin X-Stream

Ml Wavin ML

Outdoor Sewage System Wavin Multilayer

Qickstream Wavin QuickStream

Siphonic roof drainage system Wavin QuickStream

Drenaz Drainage system

Wavin drainage system made of PVC

Future Wavin Future K1

Press-fit system for metal plastic pipes Wavin Future K1

Napor Pressure Pipe system

PVC pressure pipe system Wavin



The Hauraton company produces special kind of products - drainage channels for installation in stadiums and sports complexes. Products of this type are characterized by special design, so that the athletes do not get injury during training or sports tournaments. The channels are made of recycled plastic.

Civil Civil drainage

Hauraton Drainage solution for civil engineering

Landshaft Domestic and landscaping

Hauraton drainage solutions for domastic and landscaping

Sport hauraton Sport

Hauraton drainage range for stadiums and sport facilities



Sinikon outdoor drainage system is made of PVC-U. It has many advantages over traditional drainage systems, in particular it is not susceptible to corrosion.

Standart Sinikon Standart

Sinikon Standart draimage system

Cimfort Sinikon Comfort

Sinikon Comfort sound-absorbing drainage system

Universal Sinikon Universal

Sinikon Universal is universal drainage system

Pvc uPVC Outdoor sewerage

Sinicon outdoor drainage system

Rain flow Sinikon Rain Flow

Sinikon Rain Flow rainwater system


Ibp brend

IBP threaded brass adapters include various groups of products: threaded joints, crosses, plugs, couplings etc.

B press B-Press

B-Press copper and gunmetal press-fittings

Inox B-Press Inox

IBP B-Press Inox pipeline system of stainless steel

Carbon B-Press Carbon

IBP B-Press Carbon pipeline system of carbon steel

Adapters Threaded brass adapters

IBP Threaded brass adapters for water and heating systems, and technical pipelines



ISAN SPIRAL radiators are heating devices consisting of pipes, through which hot water passes, with a ribbed surface. These heaters are suited for industrial premises.


ISAN MELODY design radiators


ISAN ATOL steel tubular radiators


Retro ISAN SPIRAL radiators


ISAN EXACT radiant convectors


ISAN EXACT ECOLITE lamellar exchanger convectors