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OGNEZA fire collars

"OGNEZA-PM" - fire collars which are designed for fire protection of intersection points partitions and walls with combustible pipes (PP, PVC, PE) of drainage, heating, hot or cold water supply.

They are installed in various buildings, in particular in residential buildings, shopping centers, offices, train stations, airports, industrial plants etc.

The principle of operation of fire collars is based on the ability of thermally expanding material to increase tenfold with increasing ambient temperature. While the plastic pipe softens or even burns out during a fire, due to the increase in the flame retardant material “peno-coke” is formed which fills the inner surface of the collar and pinches the melting pipe and the holes in the wall or partition. The coefficient of expansion is not less than 95 (950%), the bulk density is 1500 kg/m3.

The detachable body of the OGNEZA-PM fire collars and reliable locks-latches allow to quickly or easily mount or dismantle the collars.

Fire resistance up to EI-180.

"OGNEZA-PM" fire collars are designed to protect the premises from fire and smoke during fires. The fire collar consists of a metal case and a polymer liner. The housing of the fire collar...