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Company "Inrusstrade" organize delivery of the leading manufacturer of sewer pipes of ductile cast-iron - the company Saint Gobain PAM, which began work more than 350 years ago and it has gained a great experience for the production of building materials during this time. The cast-iron pipes and fittings has an excellent impact resistance, good sound insulation, low sensitivity to temperature changes. The basic objects in the construction of which used the cast-ron sewer PAM-GLOBAL® are business-centers, airports, skyscrapers and hotels, office buildings, hospitals, laboratories, kindergartens, buildings with heightened requirements for fire- and noise insulation.


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PAM-GLOBAL® S pipes are made of cast iron with globular graphite. Production is carried using the centrifugal casting process, and products are exposed to special heat treatment - first they are heated at 950º C and then they are cooled gradually. This has made the PAM-GLOBAL drainage system highly popular - the pipes and fittings are used in systems derivation of water in more than 120 major cities around the world.

Additional Equipment

PAM-GLOBAL SML pipeline system is used for wastewater disposal in high-rise buildings, laboratories, business centers, hospitals etc. The PAM-GLOBAL socketless drainage system is mounted with couplings, the connections are distinguished by their reliability and absolute tightness.
The Hutterer & Lechner Company manufactures roof outlets, drains, anti-flood valves, traps, sealing kits and other plumbing equipments which are used for the installation of drainage systems.
Exact pipe cutters can cut pipes of different materials, including iron, stainless steel, copper, and plastics, quickly and without substantial physical effort. Replaceable blades and benches are manufactured for Exact electric pipe cutters.
Geberit pipeline systems are distinguished by their reliability and durability. The Geberit Company produces several types of pipeline systems which are suitable for removal of drains, installation of heating and plumbing systems.
The REHAU pipeline systems are made of polypropylene reinforced with minerals. They can be used for installation of drainage, heating and plumbing systems.
Wavin Ecoplastik is a pipeline system made of modified polypropylene, it is intended for installation of heating systems and water applications. This brand is known throughout Europe, and it meets all technical and hygienic requirements.
The Wavin Company produces high quality sewage and rainwater equipments. The company produces pipe systems from PVC and polypropylene, which can be used for the installation of hot and cold water supply, heating and drainage systems.
Hauraton drainage channels are used for disposal waters from private house areas, stadiums, city squares, airports etc. One of the features of the Hauraton drainage channels is boltless locking system SIDE-LOCK which saves up to 90% of the time when installing the drainage channels.
The SINIKON company is the only company in Russia whose pipeline products are certified by the European quality certificate EN 1451. The company produces pipes and fittings for domestic and outdoor sewerage, as well as for rainwater system.
Conex Bänninger manufactures products under well-known worldwide brand of IBP. This brand produces brass and gunmetal fittings, B-Press Inox press system made of stainless steel, B-Press Carbon press system made of carbon steel and other products.
ISAN it is a well-known in Europe brand of heating appliances. Radiators and convectors with high technical and aesthetic parameters are produced under this brand.
About company "Inrusstrade"

Our company is the official distributor of the pressure cast iron drainage systems PAM-GLOBAL SML manufactured in the factory SAINT-GOBAIN (it is world leader in the seven business lines). This socketless system is used in Europe for over 40 years. Our company started its work about 12 years ago, first in Moscow and later in other regions, and we did this brand recognizable, provided an opportunity to fast technical advice and selection of design solutions, and now you can buy the cast iron drainage system at producer prices in our company.

About Producing

Office of the Saint-Gobain Company

Saint-Gobain PAM is a part of the enterprise group Saint Gobain  and it is the largest manufacturer of cast iron pipes in the world. In Saint Gobain PAM factories produces ductile cast-ron pipes for water supply and sewage water as well as sewage no-hub cast-iron pipes for water disposal from buildings and lands.

The Saint Gobain Group produces soketless pipes and fittings of PAM-GLOBAL® for over 40 years. They are a trademark of the highest quality for domestic SML sewerage systems in the world. And there are reasons for this: no drainage system does not offer more benefits in terms of reliability, durability, efficiency and environmental performance than PAM-GLOBAL® from Saint Gobain PAM!