PAM-GLOBAL SML pipeline system is used for wastewater disposal in high-rise buildings, laboratories, business centers, hospitals etc. The PAM-GLOBAL socketless drainage system is mounted with couplings, the connections are distinguished by their reliability and absolute tightness.


Additional equipment - support brackets, fastening clamps, couplings and flange adapters, as well as pipe cutters. All products are made from high quality materials: stainless steel, cast iron. It is used for the installation of pipelines made of cast iron, plastic, steel.


The SINIKON company is the only company in Russia whose pipeline products are certified by the European quality certificate EN 1451. The company produces pipes and fittings for domestic and outdoor sewerage, as well as for rainwater system.


The Hutterer & Lechner Company manufactures roof outlets, drains, anti-flood valves, traps, sealing kits and other plumbing equipments which are used for the installation of drainage systems.


The Wavin Company produces high quality sewage and rainwater equipments. The company produces pipe systems from PVC and polypropylene, which can be used for the installation of hot and cold water supply, heating and drainage systems.


Hauraton drainage channels are used for disposal waters from private house areas, stadiums, city squares, airports etc. One of the features of the Hauraton drainage channels is boltless locking system SIDE-LOCK which saves up to 90% of the time when installing the drainage channels.


Wavin Ecoplastik is a pipeline system made of modified polypropylene, it is intended for installation of heating systems and water applications. This brand is known throughout Europe, and it meets all technical and hygienic requirements.


Geberit pipeline systems are distinguished by their reliability and durability. The Geberit Company produces several types of pipeline systems which are suitable for removal of drains, installation of heating and plumbing systems.


Ostendorf is a German company that produces the highest quality pipe products for indoor, outdoor and silent sewerage. Pipeline products are characterized by high reliability, durability, environmental friendliness, resistance to corrosive effluents and economy.


The REHAU pipeline systems are made of polypropylene reinforced with minerals. They can be used for installation of drainage, heating and plumbing systems.

Ibp brend

Conex Bänninger manufactures products under well-known worldwide brand of IBP. This brand produces brass and gunmetal fittings, B-Press Inox press system made of stainless steel, B-Press Carbon press system made of carbon steel and other products.


VALTEC is a Russian-Italian brand of engineering plumbings which are adapted to the conditions of operation of heat and water supply systems in Russia. The products are distinguished by the widest possible range and the highest quality which is confirmed by many years of product exploitation.


Novopress is a German company which manufactures tools for crimping pipe press fittings since its inception. Modern Novopress press tools can be used for pressing various piping systems and connecting pipes with diameter up to 168.1 mm.


VIEGA pipeline systems, which are made of stainless steel, copper and brass, are of the highest quality and can be installed in hospitals, hotels, low-rise buildings, stadiums, etc. A wide range of products allows to find all the products from one manufacturer.


ISAN it is a well-known in Europe brand of heating appliances. Radiators and convectors with high technical and aesthetic parameters are produced under this brand.


ATT InoxDrain is one of the leading companies which is prodused of stainless steel water drain systems. The company produces drains, linear drainage systems and hatches which are used in the installation of drainage systems in industrial and public buildings.


OGRAX-PM fire collars have been produced since 2003 and have recently won the trust of consumers. They hold a leading position in the market. They are characterized by high durability, moisture resistance and fire resistance.


Unitek manufactures Phoenix PPM fire collars that are durable, resistant to moisture and easy to assemble or disassemble, as well as Unix sealing systems for hermetic inlet of cables and pipes to buildings. Fire collars are mounted in places where pipes pass through walls and other floors. They are suitable for installation in various buildings.


The Ogneza Company is a Russian manufacturer of high-quality fire collars. "OGNEZA-PM" fire collars are designed for installation in any buildings. They are used to protect the premises from the spread of fire and smoke during fires.


Termoclip mounting systems are made from high quality materials. Mounting elements are durable, safe and reliable. They can be used for light, heavy and extra heavy loads.


Viking Johnson is a world leader in the manufacture of couplings, flange adapters and pipe repair tools. Connecting fittings are suitable for mounting pipes of various materials, including gray and malleable cast iron, steel, PVC and PE.