Pam Global® S pipes are used in house plumbing and they can use for removal of wastewater in the business centers, laboratories, high-rise buildings and other buildings with high requirements for fire safety and soundproofing.

In the our Pam Global catalogue is presented not only pipes and fittings for drainage system but also connecting elements and other equipment for installation of sewer system.


The HL traps are designed for various equipment and they withstand of wastewater with high temperature (up to + 95 °C). One of the hallmarks of HL traps is their special design, so that they are not clogged. Also the models HL traps can have ball-joint outlet, which simplifies the process of their installation under baths and shower trays.


Cantilever for supporting pipes is used for installation of the PAM-GLOBAL SML sewerage system. Available in single and double cantilevers - the choice of cantilevers depends on the diameter of the riser.


Geberit PE pipe systems are used for industry, commercial or laboratory facilities. Pipes and fittings are resistant to high temperatures. It is resistant against around 95% of all commercially available alkalis, acids and chemicals.


REHAU RAUTITAN is pipeline system which it feature is connection technique with compression sleeve. You can load of pressure and temperature RAUTITAN pipes right after installation.


Wavin Ekoplastik PPRC pipeline system is made of polypropylene. Elements of the system are low in weight, resistant to corrosion, environmental and hygienic safety, they are easily and quickly installed.


Sound absorbing Wavin Asto drainage system reliably proved itself on the market. In many ways it is better than standard sewage systems. Wavin Asto drainage system has excellent sound absorption characteristics, it is lightweight and is easy to install.


Hauraton drainage systems for civil engineering are made of high-quality and high-strength concrete, as well as high-quality steel and cast iron which are used for gratings of drainage channels. Hauraton drainage channels have high strength characteristics and attractive design.


Sinikon Standart draimage system is made of modern polymer materials. Its service life is at least 50 years. The system is resistant to corrosion and chemistry.

Ibp brend

IBP B-Press press fittings can be used with copper pipes for installation of heating systems and water applications, including drinking water. They are made of high-quality copper and yellow brass.


ISAN MELODY design radiators are ideal for installation in bathrooms, as well as living rooms. Design radiators can have different decoration elements which do not reduce the heating characteristics of radiators.