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Socketless sewage pipes and fittings PAM-GLOBAL® S

SML drainage system is great replacement for standard socket drainage system. Socketless drainage systems gained popularity by ease of installation and higher resistance to aggressive environment, corrosion, abrasion, dynamic stress and fire. The Saint Gobain Company which produces the PAM-GLOBAL® S system is certified in accordance with accepted in more than 70 countries of quality standard ISO 9001. Pipes and fittings not only conform with standard EN 877, which is the most demanding standartworldwide, and RAL-GZ 698 but also largely superior to their. The rubber guskets of the PAM-GLOBAL coupling comply with EN 681-1.

The material of the sistem is made of cast iron according to EN 1561.

The brand logo, the reference to the standart and to the quality marks, the diameter in DN, and the manufacturing date are marked on the products as recuired in EN 877.

Pipes       (1 Товар) Показать все
Cast Iron Pipe PAM-GLOBAL® S
Bends       (11 Товаров) Показать все
Bend PAM-GLOBAL® S 15˚
Bend PAM-GLOBAL® S 30˚
PAM-GLOBAL® S Offset bends 65, 130, 200 mm
Single branches       (6 Товаров) Показать все
70˚ single branch PAM-GLOBAL® S
PAM-GLOBAL® S T-shaped connector for pipes
Single branch PAM-GLOBAL® S 88˚ with elongated side, angle of entry 45˚
Pipe crosses       (7 Товаров) Показать все
PAM-GLOBAL® double branch with outlets 90°, offset
Biplanar pipe-cross PAM-GLOBAL® S 88˚ with elongated side (angle of entry 45˚, angle of thrust 45˚)
PAM-GLOBAL® S Combination branch
Access pipes       (2 Товара) Показать все
Rectangular access pipe PAM-GLOBAL® S
Round access pipe PAM-GLOBAL® S
Eccentric reducers       (2 Товара) Показать все
Eccentric reducer PAM-GLOBAL® S
PAM-GLOBAL® S Connector pipe with short socket
Traps       (3 Товара) Показать все
PAM-GLOBAL® S Trap for rainwater systems
Branch trap PAM-GLOBAL® S
Anti syphonic trap PAM-GLOBAL® S
Ending covers       (2 Товара) Показать все
Expansion plug PAM-GLOBAL® S
Blank end PAM-GLOBAL® S
Suppoting tube       (1 Товар) Показать все
PAM-GLOBAL® S Stack support pipe
Transitive flanges       (2 Товара) Показать все
Transitive flange PAM-GLOBAL® S for pressure system
PAM-GLOBAL® S Iron flange fitting for roof penetration
WC Bends       (8 Товаров) Показать все
WC Y-Pipe 90° PAM-GLOBAL® S (only horizontal)
WC-Branche 45° PAM-GLOBAL® S
WC Special multiple branch PAM-GLOBAL® S, right hand

Advantages of PAM-GLOBAL S pipes:


  • Durability - pipes and fittings of PAM-GLOBAL S system will serve at least 50 years;
  • Fire protection and fire safety;
  • Reliability;
  • Leak tightness;
  • High safety;
  • You can dismantle of one of the PAM-GLOBAL S elements.

Characteristics of PAM-GLOBAL S system

All pipes and fittings of Pam Global SML system are covered by acrylic paint reddish-brown color. Thickness of the layer acrylic paint is 40 microns. It provides high resistance to corrosion. Inner surface of pipes is covered by epoxy resin thickness of 130 microns, and it ensures resistance to mechanical and chemical influences. The fittings are mostly coated through a cataphoresis process.

According to the standart requirement, the internal coatings can withstand hot water at 95°С for 24 hours and withstand fluids between pH 2-12 for 30 days, without loosing their properties. Also they are highly resistant to the chemical ыекуыы (see table).

The noise insulation properties are complying with DIN 4109.

Buy PAM-GLOBAL S products

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