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Viking Johnson

Viking Johnson is a world leader in the manufacture of couplings, flange adapters and pipe repair tools. Connecting fittings are suitable for mounting pipes of various materials, including gray and malleable cast iron, steel, PVC and PE.

Product Catalog

Viking Johnson AquaFast - couplings and flange adapters that are durable and resistant to corrosion and various damage. They are suitable for the installation of pipes made of PE and PVC.

Viking Johnson MaxiFit couplings and flange adapters are designed for installation of pipes with smooth ends from various materials, in particular from cast iron, steel, plastic. The fittings are corrosion resistant, durable and provide a completely tight connection.

Viking Johnson UltraGrip connecting fittings are used to securely fix and seal pipes of various materials. They provide complete sealing of even rough and corroded pipes.

The Viking Johnson brand is known worldwide as a manufacturer of couplings, flanges, and pipe repair tools. Products manufactured under this brand are suitable for mounting pipes from various materials, in particular cast iron, steel, PVC and PE, as well as various sizes and tolerances (from 40 to 5000 mm in diameter).


The British company Viking Johnson has been manufacturing connecting fittings for more than 80 years, and in 2010 it won the prestigious award “Best Innovative Product” of the British Society of Water and Wastewater Treatment Workers.

The latest software used in the manufacture of fittings and a carefully designed production process guarantee the durability and the highest quality products.

Viking Johnson couplings and flanges have a life span of 50 years - to guarantee such a long service life, products undergo accelerated aging at the factory test center.

Viking Johnson is one of the few manufacturers which are use flash butt welding technology to connect adapter tubes and pressure rings - this technology ensures maximum product durability. If it is not possible to use flash butt welding, the company applies submerged arc welding.

All welded sections are subjected to cold rolling, due to which the quality of welding and metal sections are checked. Also, a cold layout provides a round section shape and increases the strength of the structure.

Finally, all Viking Johnson products have a Rilsan Nylon coating - a thermoplastic powder coating that is made from plant-based castor oil. It is environmentally friendly, highly corrosion resistant and maintenance-free throughout its life.


In our online store you can buy Viking Johnson universal couplings and flange adapters of the UltraGrip, AquaFast and MaxiFit series. These connecting fittings are suitable for mounting pipes of various materials and various diameters. To view the product catalog, go to the Price and Certificates page.

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