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OGRAX fire collars

OGRAX-PM fire collars have been produced since 2003 and have recently won the trust of consumers. They hold a leading position in the market. They are characterized by high durability, moisture resistance and fire resistance.

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OGRAKS-PM fire protection is a two-piece collar. There is an insert made of a special fire retardant material “Ograx” in the metal frame of the collar. Collars are highly fire resistant and durable.

OGRAX fire collars are manufactured by the UNIHIMTEK Group of Companies. Fire retardant materials meet the highest requirements and hold a leading position in the market.

UNIKHIMTEK managed to achieve this thanks to powerful intellectual resources, long-term experience, scientific testing base and modern production complex which is located recently from Moscow.


The first OGRAX fire collars were released in 2003, and since then, UNIKHIMTEK has gained a reputation as a reliable partner offering an integrated approach to solving fire protection problems.

The main advantages of flame retardant materials OGRAX:

  • high performance properties;
  • manufacturability;
  • wide product line;
  • high fire resistance;
  • resistance to moisture.

In addition, the production of flame retardant materials is strictly controlled at all stages of production:

  • raw materials are carefully analyzed for compliance with reference parameters;
  • the semi-finished product is analyzed at different stages of production;
  • the finished product is tested for compliance with specifications.

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We offer to buy OGRAX fire collars directly from the manufacturer which significantly reduces the cost of production.

You can look at the current prices of OGRAX fire collars in our Catalog.

To order products it is enough to contact our phone managers and after payment we will send your order to the specified address.