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Additional Equipment

Additional equipment - support brackets, fastening clamps, couplings and flange adapters, as well as pipe cutters. All products are made from high quality materials: stainless steel, cast iron. It is used for the installation of pipelines made of cast iron, plastic, steel.

Product Catalog

Universal clamps are used for reliable fastening elements of PAM-GLOBAL SML sewage system and installed with pipes and fittings DN 54-250 mm. You can use the clamps on difficult sections of pipeline.

Cantilever for supporting pipes is used for installation of the PAM-GLOBAL SML sewerage system. Available in single and double cantilevers - the choice of cantilevers depends on the diameter of the riser.

Exact PipeCut Systems and accessories are the perfect choice for professionals. They have many advantages over other similar tools. The main advantage of Exact pipe cutters is their versatility.

NORMA connectors are durable, robust and reliable clamps with original design. They are made of high quality steel. They can have both low and high levels of resistance to allowable stretch.

Contec connectors are made from high quality materials and meet the highest requirements and regulations. They provide fast and reliable pipe connection.

SAINT-GOBAIN PAM flange adapters and couplings are used in the installation and repair of water supply networks. Differ in durability and reliability.

High-quality couplings are designed for installation of pipelines made of steel, cast iron and asbestos cement. They allow the connector of pipes with sockets, as well as smooth pipes with flanged fittings.

VMP plumbing clamps are made of high-quality rubber and steel, have a zinc coating, so they are resistant to corrosion. They are durable and reliable. Clamps are available in sets (with a stud and a dowel).