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Contec connecting couplings and powerful collars

Contec connecting couplings and powerful collars are known worldwide. Connectors are designed for installation inside buildings, in underground parking lots and other underground structures, in the construction of bridges and for sewage treatment plants.

Contec connectors provide quick and safe pipe connection.

All products pass through the strictest quality control during production at a German plant, starting with the selection of raw materials for the production of clamps and ending with testing of finished products.

All types of connecting couplings and powerful collars are presented below:

Contec Rapid S and Rapid Inox standard connecting couplings (ConPower and ConPower Inox) are designed to connect SML pipes to each other. The couplings are equipped with an EPDM sealing ring. ...
Contec CV connecting coupling with two bolts is used to connect SML pipes. It is suitable for installation in places with reduced space. It is made of stabilized stainless steel 1.4510/11. Th...
Contec Kombi Kralle securing clamp is made of galvanized steel and is suitable for installation with Con-Power (Rapid) and CV/CE connectors. They available in nine diameters - from DN 50 to DN 3...