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KAN-Therm PP is a high-quality polypropylene system that is resistant to chemicals, corrosion and salt deposits. Differs in durability, low thermal conductivity.

The KAN-therm ultraPRESS universal system consists of polyethylene multilayer pipes and fittings made of brass or PPSU polymer. Installation is carried out using press tongs. Unpressurized connections are detected by leakage during the filling of the system with water (before pressure testing).

KAN-Therm are modern piping systems that are manufactured at factories in Poland and Germany. The brand belongs to the KAN group of companies headquartered in Bialystok. Now pipeline systems under the KAN-Therm brand are supplied to more than 60 countries.

System KAN-Therm PP

The KAN-Therm PP installation system consists of pipes and connectors made of thermoplastic polymer - polypropylene PP-R (type 3). Pipes and fittings are produced with diameters from 16 to 110 mm. To connect the elements of the system, the method of socket welding (polyfusion thermal welding) is used using an electric welding machine - this installation method ensures complete tightness and excellent mechanical strength of the system.

It is suitable for installation of hot and cold water supply, cooling and heating systems, technological pipelines.

Main advantages:

  • material hygiene;
  • resistance to chemicals;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • durability;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • resistance to salt deposition;
  • complete tightness;
  • low weight;
  • damping of noise and vibrations;
  • mechanical strength.

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