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Drains, roof outlets, roof fences, aerators, mounting elements and other Fachmann roofing and plumbing equipment are manufactured using the most modern equipment from high-quality materials.

Fahmann Russland which produces roofing and plumbing equipment for drainage under the Fachmann brand, was founded in 2019. And over the past time, the company has become one of the industry leaders in Russia.

All products are manufactured at a Russian factory equipped with modern equipment, and are delivered throughout Russia, as well as to CIS countries. The assortment is expanding annually – now the company produces more than 600 product names.

The main advantages of the company:

  • development of its own unique solutions (10 of them are patented);
  • modern equipment;
  • there is an ISO 9001:2015 certificate;
  • a wide range of products.

Fachmann products

The company produces the following types of products:

  • components for roofs – outlets (roofing, parapet, for balconies and terraces), roof fences, ventilation, extension cords and overhead elements;
  • engineering plumbing – drains (for courtyards, interiors, balconies and terraces);
  • mounting elements – connecting and fixing elements, roof supports, etc.
Fachmann drains

Fachmann company produces several series of drains:

  • 310 series – small drains with vertical outlet and diameters from 50 to 110 mm;
  • 510 series – small drains with horizontal outlet and diameters of 40/50 mm;
  • 520 series – horizontal small drains, the angle of which can be adjusted, with a diameter of 50 mm;
  • 606 series – large vertical unregulated drains with diameters of 110/160 mm;
  • 605 series – large horizontal unregulated drains with a diameter of 110 mm;
  • 616 series – large vertical adjustable drains with diameters of 110/160 mm;
  • 615 series – large horizontal adjustable drains with a diameter of 110mm.
Fachmann roof outlets

Several series of roof outlets are produced:

  • VM series, VM Krone – universal outlets the installation of which is possible with both surfaced and non-surfaced waterproofing;
  • VD series – they are used if the drainage pipe is installed in a roofing pie;
  • V-PVC series – they are suitable for use with PVC waterproofing;
  • VM-Pro series – for flat roofs with surfaced polymer-bitumen waterproofing;
  • VB series – for balconies, terraces, as well as small (up to 55 m2) flat roofs.

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