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Sewer catalog Ostendorf

Ostendorf is a German company that produces the highest quality pipe products for indoor, outdoor and silent sewerage. Pipeline products are characterized by high reliability, durability, environmental friendliness, resistance to corrosive effluents and economy.

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Product Catalog

Ostendorf HT drainage system is made of modified polypropylene and is suitable for installation drainage system, rainwater drainage system and ventilation systems.

Ostendorf Skolan Safe is noiseless drainage system that can be installed in areas with high requirements for sound insulation. The system meets all hygienic requirements and is resistant to corrosion and aggressive environments.

Ostendorf KG drainage system which is paint in orange-brown color is designed for the installation of outdoor drainage systems. It can be installation under the ground, is characterized by insensitivity to subsidence of the soil, resistance to corrosion and chemically aggressive effluents.

Ostendorf KG2000 outdoor drainage system is designed to meet the modern requirements of quality and sustainability. The system is resistant to chemically aggressive effluents, corrosion, light and high temperatures, is durable and has optimal hydraulic characteristics.

Ostendorf additional assortment of products includes fire protection sleeves, drains, connection pipes and other elements of piping systems which can be required when installing sanitation.

Ostendorf chambers are used for the installation of drainage systems. They consist of a base, a riser pipe, a telescopic cover. They differ in heat resistance, chemical resistance, strength and economy.

The German company Ostendorf has been producing sewage of the highest quality since the 70s. It is supplied to many countries around the world.

Pipes and fittings are manufactured using modern equipment, while some types of pipes are produced using unique technologies. All this provides economical production with minimal cost.


Due to modern technologies the Ostendorf company manufactures polypropylene pipes that are quickly and easily installed, replaced and repaired if necessary.

There are several types of pipelines which are suitable for different application purposes:

  1. KG pipeline is suitable for outdoor sewage and is characterized by increased strength, elasticity and long-term stability. It has remarkable hydraulic characteristics, resistance to chemical and mechanical influences.
  2. Skolan dB drainage system is a noise-free, durable and fireproof system made of mineralized polypropylene. The noise level is only 15 dB using special sound-absorbing clamps, and 21 dB without them.
  3. One of the newest products is the KG2000 outdoor system, the main distinguishing feature of which is complete environmental safety - pipes and fittings are made of polypropylene using the technology of solid pipes with a solid wall. A special seal has been developed and patented for this pipeline.
  4. In 2008, the company launched the HT polypropylene system which can be called the embodiment of the experience gained in the production of polypropylene products. This system meets all the requirements for sound insulation, fire protection and ease of installation, which are presented by modern polypropylene pipelines.


The main advantages of Ostendorf pipes:

  • Low weight;
  • High strength and reliability;
  • Long service life;
  • Resistant to high temperatures and corrosive environments;
  • Low noise level;
  • Smooth and smooth internal walls;
  • Economical.