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Ostendorf KG2000 outdoor improved drainage system

KG2000 is Ostendorf's new generation outdoor piping system. It has improved characteristics compared to PVC, in particular pipes and fittings have a smooth uniform wall in combination with high ring stiffness - this allows them to be laid in the ground in places with high peak pressure, for example, on roadways of highways. Ring stiffness is SN10 / SN16.

The main advantages of the KG2000 system:

  • Material of production is mineralized polypropylene PP-MD which has increased resistance to chemically aggressive effluents (pH range varies from 2 to 12), the walls of pipes and fittings are homogeneous which increases their strength and reliability;
  • High strength;
  • Optimum hydraulic characteristics - thanks to the optimal bending angles, self-cleaning and smooth internal surface the system requires almost no maintenance;
  • Resistance to high temperatures and light;
  • Long operational period (up to 100 years);
  • Wide assortment;
  • Withstands pressure of 3 Atm;
  • Maximum temperature of drains +95 °С;
  • Patented telescopic seal which is special designed to work in extreme conditions. Sealing ensures full sealing of joints;
  • Convenient installation;
  • Environmentally friendly - polypropylene does not pollute the groundwater and can be recycled;
  • High wear resistance;
  • High toughness;
  • Load 60 tons, minimum overlap 0.8 m;
  • It can be used as an oil pipe in heating systems (with NBR O-rings);
  • Manufactured according to DIN EN 14758;
Ostendorf KG2000 pipes in green have the following characteristics: Resistance to corrosion; High wear resistance; Exceptional toughness and strength; Reduced tendency to cracking; Sm...
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Ostendorf KG2000 reducers are used for connection of pipes with different diameters. They are suitable for outdoor drainage system, they can be installed inside and outside the building.
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Accessories for Ostendorf KG2000 drainage system are used for piping installation. The product group includes: Lip seals; Pull-out protections.