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Technichal and reference information about PAM-GLOBAL® system

Engineering systems - an important step towards the construction. Proper sewage device is a pledge of long-term maintenance of residential and industrial facilities. Inside sewage systems can be divided into two types: domestic sewage and storm sewer system. Domestic sewage serves to collect all dirty water and sewer water generated in the home (toilet, bathroom, and kitchen). Storm sewer system serves to collect and discharge surface water from roofs and should be performed using special clamps to enhance deterrence of increased pressure in the system.

This section can help you in choosing the right solution when engineering the sewerage system of no-hub cast-iron pipes PAM-GLOBAL® and the further construction of the facility.

To obtain models of pipes and fittings for designing in Revit or Autocad format, write a request to project@inrusstrade.ru. We will promptly respond to you and give all the necessary information.

Main characteristics of cast-iron no-hub sewer pipes PAM-GLOBAL ®
The possibilities of combining the elements of the no-hub sewerage system PAM-GLOBAL ®
Installation instructions for connecting elements of the PAM-GLOBAL ®
Main characteristics of pp sewer pipes