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Installation manual for connecting element PAM-GLOBAL®-SVE


1. Check that the O-rings evenly around the perimeter are lying in the groove.

2. Feather pipes and fittings at joints.

3. On the edge of the pipe with a brush apply grease for elastomeric seals (a solution of soap or detergent, but no oil or fat).

4. Put the coupling on the edge of the pipe and pull choppy with a slight skew on the pipe until it stops.

5. The nozzle cover with a brush by lubrication and as described above, insert fully into the connection element.

6. As an aid in installing the trench as a lever, you can use a shovel. Timber laid across the direction of the pipe, increasing the axial displacement amplification.

7. The fittings are to be installed, the necessary connecting elements can be assembled prior to installation. This facilitates and accelerates the final assembly.

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