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1998. Specialists in the construction industry realized that the time has come for new building forms, new high-quality, light, reliable and modern materials for internal engineering systems. And we created the company "INRUSSTREYD" that meets these requirements. Our company has become a representative of PAM-GLOBAL, the world leader in SML sewage systems. Through us, this brand has become available and in demand in the construction of new-level buildings in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Optimized pipe coating cross-section

In 2002, large-scale projects were launched - equipment was supplied and installed in new, unique at that time residential complexes: Triumph Palace, Dom on Mosfilmovskaya, Dom on Begovaya, Elsinore, Severnaya Zvezda, Scarlet sails, etc. Then the company took part in the reconstruction projects of the Sklifosovsky Institute and the Luzhniki Stadium, the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Moscow City, Lakhta Center, airports throughout Russia.

This success of the company contributed to its further expansion. The assortment was replenished with drains, roof funnels, shutters, siphons and a huge list of equipment from the Austrian plant HL (Hutterer & Lechner).

The founder of INRUSSTRADE is a hereditary builder, and the whole team is passionate about this complex and responsible work. A professional approach to the selection of the best materials and equipment is very important to us. The high quality of products is the main criterion, we also focus on it when choosing partners. That is why INRUSSTRADE also became the official dealer of the Russian manufacturing company SINIKON.

The SINIKON plant is equipped with modern high-performance equipment, which makes it possible to produce high-quality products. The advantage of the plant is a multi-stage product quality control system, thanks to which, after testing and certification, SINIKON was recognized by the State Construction Committee of the Russian Federation as a “Company that produces high quality products”. All products have certificates of conformity and meet Russian and European standards.

The plant produces several lines of pipelines.

"SINICON STANDARD" - internal sewerage system. It includes a wide range of pipes and fittings made of polypropylene (PP), which allows you to design and install modern free-flow internal sewage systems of any complexity. Socket pipes and fittings are equipped with a factory-installed sealing ring made of SBR rubber (styrene-butadiene-rubber), which ensures the tightness of the joints throughout the entire life of the pipeline. The service life of pipelines is at least 50 years.

"SINICON COMFORT PLUS" - a system with a reduced noise level. Pipes are made of polypropylene with special mineral additives. The main distinguishing features of the system are: excellent sound insulation characteristics (system noise level is 19 dB(A) at a water flow rate of 2 l/s according to EN 14366), increased impact resistance even at low temperatures, resistance to a wide range of chemicals, competitive price pipes.

"SINICON RAIN FLOW" - internal drainage system. It is installed inside heated residential and industrial buildings and provides drainage of rain and melt water from roofs. Pipes for internal drains are made in two types: RAIN FLOW 60, designed for a water column of 60 m (6 bar), and RAIN FLOW 100 - for 100 m (10 bar), respectively.

"SINICON UNIVERSAL + SINICON UPVC" - outdoor sewage system. It is an important element of both the urban environment and private construction. The quality and durability of the materials used in the installation of external sewerage depend on the convenience of living, service life and environmental ecology.

"SINICON THERMOLINE PE-Xb, PROLINE PE-RT, PE-RT" - a system for water supply and heating. PEX systems are widely used in the field of heating and water supply. SINIKON produces pipes of the SINIKON THERMOLINE PE-Xb EVOH series made of cross-linked polyethylene with a PE-Xb / EVOH barrier layer, SINIKON PROLINE PE-RT type II and SINIKON PE-RT type I made of high temperature resistant polyethylene with and without an EVOH oxygen barrier layer. Pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene have low hydraulic resistance, are not subject to corrosion, overgrowth, are chemically and electrically inert, have elasticity, temperature memory, and do not collapse when water freezes. Outside, SINIKON THERMOLINE PE-Xb EVOH pipes are covered with an EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) layer, which prevents the diffusion of oxygen molecules into the pipe, which significantly reduces the wear of heating equipment due to oxidative processes. All pipes comply with the requirements of GOST 32415. The warranty period for factory defects for pressure pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene PE-Xb and pipes made of high-temperature-resistant polyethylene PE-RT is 20 years.

Another milestone in the development of the water disposal area in the company was cooperation with HAURATON. We work with those who are close to our ideology. The history of HAURATON is a history of innovation. Since the creation of the first drainage system in 1956, HAURATON products have been a reference all over the world.

HAURATON - a system of trays, gratings and drainage channels. The pride of the company can definitely be called such facilities as the stadium "Meteor" in the city of Zhukovsky - this is one of the first facilities in Russia. You will find channels with gratings for HAURATON drainage in the Tsaritsyno park, trays and gratings in front of the GUM department store, on the territory of the Mandarin residential complex on Zolotoy Ostrov in the center of Moscow, in Kitay-gorod - landscaping around the Lumen residential complex, at Ostafyevo airport, another a successful project is the Formula 1 track.

The principle of INRUSSTRADE is to work with the best materials in its segment.

We regularly analyze the market and try to meet its needs for quality products. Therefore, we pay close attention to how the manufacturer maintains product quality, and we are willing to cooperate with such companies. For many years, INRUSSTRADE has been a partner of the manufacturer of polypropylene pipes and fittings for the internal and external sewage system OSTENDORF. This brand is rightfully considered to be the standard of German quality for plastic (polypropylene) sewage, and the fact that since 2011 OSTENDORF products have been manufactured at its own factory in Yegoryevsk, Moscow Region, has not affected this fact in any way.

INRUSSTRADE can maintain the free balance of high-quality HT pipes and fittings made of polypropylene for internal sewage, KG PVC systems for external sewage, mineralized polypropylene systems for Skolan Safe silent sewage, KG 2000 reinforced sewage, as well as inspection and storm wells thanks to large warehouse areas.

The company's warehouse is located in the south of Moscow in Gorki Leninskie. The company has several own trucks that deliver products up to 300 km from the Moscow Ring Road. Delivery to other cities is carried out by transport companies. We continue to promptly provide facilities with PAM-GLOBAL products in full. Properly organized logistics and availability of warehouse stocks allow completing orders on the same day as needed at the installation site.


We share and support the policy of producing high quality products and providing maximum service.


After evaluating the product line, having studied the production facilities, the latest equipment, a professional approach to management and compliance with regulatory documents and standards, INRUSSTRADE introduced the products of the Nizhny Novgorod enterprise CHEMKOR into its range. The company specializes in the production of pipes made of non-plasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC), which are resistant to chemically aggressive environments and have a large margin of safety. It is for this reason that this product becomes one of the best options for the installation of external sewerage, for pressure water supply systems, internal sewage systems and storm drains. An important factor is the production of all pipelines in strict accordance with GOSTs. On the inside, the pipes have an almost perfectly smooth surface, which perfectly protects them from stratification. Rust resistant. As a result, the pressure in the pipes does not decrease with time. There is a widespread belief that, after lying in the sun and losing color, the pipe loses its properties - this is not so. It's just that the pigment fades from the surface, and being under the rays of the sun or air does not harm the pipe at all, it does not lose its physical and chemical properties.

CHEMKOR is a leader in the Russian market for the production of well casing pipes.

Having seen the market demand for design solutions for the passage of engineering networks through the building envelope, we expanded the possibilities of services for the selection and supply of hermetic and fireproof penetrations for pipes and cables UNICS, which is in demand both in industrial buildings and in civil engineering.

The entire INRUSSTRADE team is proud of the history of the company. Employees share its values and ideas of a qualitative approach to activities, continuous development and learning.

We consider our position - "To be, not to seem" - the most firm and life-affirming. We are convinced that openness and high standards are the basis for high-quality long-term work.

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