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Fix pipes PAM-GLOBAL®

Fastening the pipeline to horizontal support

Basic rules: The gap between the fastening elements should be as equal as possible and not exceed a distance of 2 meters. Pipes ranging in length from 2 to 3 meters should be fastened in two places, the shorter pipes, depending on the nominal size of the internal diameter (pipe weight) in one or two places. Fastening elements should be placed at equal distances between the connecting elements, and the distance in front of and behind each connecting element must not exceed 0.75 m.

Horizontal pipes must be sufficiently fastened in all places of the changing directions and brances. Pipes laid down on the balancing suspension shall be fixe by special fasteners at immovable points in order to prevent possible biases in intervals of 10-15 m. Thus a perfect directional stability is provided and the likelihood of pipe deviation by other montage groups from a given direction is prevented.

Uprisers also need to be consolidated with a maximum interval of 2 m at a height of 2.50 m floor, i.e. twice on the floor, and once - in close proximity to the built-branch. In buildings with up to 5 floors, DN 100 upriser shall be fixed by lowering the arm with the riser, which is mounted above the ceiling basement. In addition, in more high buildings on each subsequent fifth floor must be installed a riser bracket.

To fix pipes PAM-GLOBAL® from DN 50 to 150, we recommend mounting clamps of constructive series 5 with thread M 12, to DN 100 may also use M 8. Rainwater sewers and exposed to the hydraulic shock sewers shall be fastened with clamps of constructive series 6 or 7 with the rods with thread M 16.

Brackets for fastening uprisers PAM-GLOBAL® must be fastened with the help of supports designed for this purpose and ready consoles.

Pipes PAM-GLOBAL®, designed to pressure surges. While waiting for the internal hydraulic shock loads, sewer pipes with connecting elements without compensation longitudinal force shall be fixed from slipping out of each other, or deviation from the axis. The necessary compensation of the longitudinal force may be provided by means of clamps UNIGRIP-KRALLE.



Fastening the pipeline to vertical support