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Pipe cutting

Cutting PAM-GLOBAL® pipes

Pipes PAM-GLOBAL® to DN 300 are supplied in lengths of 3 m and cut to size. For this are offered, for xample pipe cutters of the firm Exact PipeCut System®  , which allow to make quick, safe and plain cuts. Angle polished machines with a cutting wheel for cast-iron are not recommended. If, however, they must be used, then only exclusively in combination with means for cutting, in which the designed for cutting pipe can be reliably fastened and is guaranteed a cut at right angle. Other cutting machines are electric band saws with a clamping device or electric hacksaws that with the help of the console fastened to the pipe and thus provides a clean cut.

Years of experience with different brands of pipe cutters has shown that the use of pipe cutters Exact Pipe Cutting System is the most appropriate when cutting cast-iron pipes

Valuable advice when using pipe cutters Exact Pipe Cutting System
Bag for Exact Pipe Cutting System Exact Pipe Cutting System Exact Pipe Cutter in operating condition The panel of the pipe cutter
Storage pipe cutter bag Out of service pipe cutter Pipe cutter in operating condition The panel of the pipe cutter

When cutting the pipe move the pipe cutter forward through the pipe from yourself, while clutching the pipe with your left foot on supporting piers. Then pull the pipe cutter on together with the pipe itself, turning the pipe on supporting piers. Further, push the pipe with your left foot and again move the pipe cutter on the pipe forward. Repeat these operations until the pipe is not cut off. Small diameters of pipes can be cut off quickly and easily if they are rotated by the hand on the floor or table. Note: The pipe should be rotated on yourself and be careful not to rotate the pipe too quickly.

The cutting process involves two steps: incutting of the disc in the pipe wall and directly cutting the pipe.Pay close attention to the correct pipe cutting speed. If the speed is too low, then the crumb and chips, formed after the cutting will be very small and the disk will become blunt too quickly. Also, too fast cutting speed can cause damage to the teeth of the disk (the teeth may be cracked or fly off the body) and may overload the motor of the pipe cutter.

When working one should observe the following rule: 2,5 minutes of working and 7,5 minutes of break. Correct cutting speed is the key to long service life of pipe cutter and disks. For example, when cutting steel pipes with a diameter 170 mm with wall thickness 5mm the work is done by the worker for 15-20 seconds, when cutting cast-iron pipe with a diameter 110mmi with the thickness 4mm - for 20-25 seconds. Always clean the disk casing of the pipe cutter after each cutting of plastic pipe. Regularly check the condition of cut-off disk. Always keep the storage engine of the pipe cutter in top position. Yellow mark on the top button if stored properly will be visible.

Pipe cutters Exact Pipe Cutting System

Pipe cutters Exact Pipe Cutting System designed for professional use. All pipe cutters are easy to carry and easy to operate. For over 10 years pipe cutters Exact are used worldwide and have proven themselves from the best side! Pipe cutters Exact are designed for use in the maintenance of water supply and sewerage, heating and cooling systems, services for the operation of hospitals, office buildings, high rise buildings, the repair of old pipelines.

The advantages of the using of pipe cutters Exact Pipe Cutting System:

1. A significant simplification of the pipe cutting process and higher safety

2. Smooth edges of the pipe after its cutting - with this method of cutting the pipe, a better connection of the pipe mount clamps is provided;

3. The method of cutting the pipe with the pipe cutters Exact provides an extremely fast cutting, which improves the productivity and saves the time;

4. The cutting process is completely safe for the user. The pipe cutter is firmly fixed on the pipe and can not slip out of hands;

5. A wide range of diameters of cutting pipes.

6. The time of cutting by the discs Exact depending on the condition of the disc and pipe material. The cutting time was considered from the first touch of the disk of the pipe surface till the full end of the cutting.


The material of the pipe The outer diameter /the wall thickness, mm The type of the disk A new disc, seconds The disk of the moderate wear, seconds The worn out disk, seconds The number of cuts*
Stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316 168 / 3.0 Cermet 15-17 30-35 45-60 28-32
Stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316 114 / 2.0 Cermet 10-15 25-35 35-45 90-120
Steel Fe52 or softer 168 / 4.5 TCT 20-25 35-45 45-60 80-120
Steel Fe52 or softer 114 / 3.0 TCT 15-20 25-35 40-50 150-250
Cast-iron 200 / 6.0 Diamond 90-120 90-120 90-120 200-300
Cast-iron 114 / 3.0 Diamond 30-40 30-40 30-40 300-500

* - The total number of cuts before the first sharpening


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