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Strengthen connecting elements

Requirements for strengthen connecting elements PAM-GLOBAL®

UNIGRIP-KRALLE grip collar for couplings UNIVERSAL-KRALLE grip collar for couplings GRIP HP coupling
Strengthen connecting elements PAM-GLOBAL® UNIGRIP-KRALLE for pressure system Strengthen connecting elements PAM-GLOBAL® UNIVERSAL-KRALLE for pressure system Connecting elements PAM-GLOBAL® GRIP HP for pressure system
In case of using with abrasive media, supply of following strengthen connecting elements is possible PAM-GLOBAL® GRIP-INOX, PAM-GLOBAL® FLEX-INOX

According to DIN 1986, part 1, paragraph 6.1.12 in the pipes with connections without fixing of the longitudinal forces, in which there is a regular internal pressure, or it may occur as a result of special operating conditions, especially when changing directions, the pipes should be fixed from slipping and deviations from axis (when checking the pressure and in work) with the appropriate fastening elements. In order to achieve the required fixation of a longitudinal force in pressure pipes is recommended to use connecting element PAM-GLOBAL® RAPID with a clip PAM-GLOBAL®, because they depending on the nominal diameter can withstand pressure up to 10 bar (100 m water column).

Pipes PAM-GLOBAL® S with connecting elements PAM-GLOBAL® UNIGRIP KRALLE are designed for the following over-pressure: connecting elements RAPID-S-W2, can be subjected to the load with nominal diameters - DN 50, 70, 80, 100, 125 to 10 bar; DN 150, 200 to 5 bar.  

Uprisers with conventional rainwater sewers above the level of backwater, as a rule, do not require fixing with clips.

In the vertical rainwater sewers, opened at the top, the water column cannot create a longitudinal load, since the pipes are fixed against deviations from the axis under the influence of the longitudinal load. However, in this case is required a clip fixing from pulling and changing direction.

Clogging up of the rain sewer or upriser and arising in connection with it pressure in the upper part of the building is not, in our opinion, the operating mode, on which the pipe generally must be rated.

If for the building special requirements are laid down, then if necessary, there should also be used penstock pipes, if the above-mentioned pressures with clips are exceeded.

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