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Pipe Marking PAM-GLOBAL®


Cast-iron pipes from Saint-Gobain HES factory are supplied with the exactly inscription on the pipe, in which there is a notation Pam-Global® and varying value of the pipe diameter, for instance, Pam-Global® C, DN 200.


Ü-marking indicates the passage of verification of requirements.

G-marking is paced as a sign of quality control for cast-iron pipes, fittings of iron and connecting elements.

Specification 01-11 is placed to indicate the batch number and year of its production at the factory (and accordingly change).


PAM-GLOBAL S fitting with new coating

The new covering of fittings Pam-Global® is notable for great surface hardness, reliable strength setting with the primer and exact matching of the contour covering at the edges (thickness 60 microns).

Additional label  


An example of a bar code

Fittings Pam-Global® of the company Saint-Gobain HES are provided with an additional label that has the protection of industrial design and scope. There is also the possibility to mark with a bar code.   

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