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Installation manual for connecting element PAM-GLOBAL® MULTIQUICK

Possibility of connection: pipe PAM-GLOBAL® with an outer diameter of 109-112 mm (the pipe tolerance PAM-GLOBAL® DN 100) to form stability of strange material with an outer diameter 110-72 mm. Pipes PAM-GLOBAL® with an external diameter of 109-112 mm for pipes LNA or GA with a maximum outer diameter of 115 mm.

Open connection element MULTIQUICK 1. Open end of the connecting element MULTIQUICK is pulled to the edge of the pipe and clamp with a worm screw placed in the recess provided for this purpose. After that worm screw tightened firmly maintaining its position.
Cutting hole in the MULTIQUICK connecting element 2. Then use a knife to cut a hole or, in other words, the connecting element is reduced to the corresponding outer diameter of the nozzle. The connecting element is shortened in the place of step transition to the desired diameter.
Fixing of pipes with different diameters with the MULTIQUICK connecting element 3. Now the second clamp with a worm screw is tightened on the nozzle, the nozzle sticks into the connecting element MULTIQUICK and worm screw thread stretched in space provided for. It is necessary to take care of pure, clean state of a seal zone (smooth ends, pipes and fittings). Drips of paint or cement residues should be completely removed with sandpaper. At the end, worm drive hose clamps should be tightened by hand with a screwdriver to avoid damage to the joints element MULTIQUICK.


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