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Ostendorf Skolan Safe noiseless drainage system

Ostendorf Skolan Safe is silent sewage system is a modernized and improved Skolan dB system. The patented new three-way seal makes installation quicker and guarantees reliable sealing even in the most adverse conditions. Smoother inner walls and optimized material composition provide superior sound insulation. Made from mineralized polypropylene.

Main advantages:

  • Compliance with the highest requirements III of the highest degree of sound insulation according to DIN 4109 and VDI 4100;
  • Increased wall thickness;
  • The noise level is only 17 dB (A) without the use of specialized clamps and 15 dB (A) when using soundproof clamps;
  • High resistance to corrosion and aggressive drains;
  • Durability;
  • Suitable for aggressive media in the range from pH 2 to pH 12;
  • Withstands pressure up to 2 atm;
  • Low risk of build-up due to completely smooth inner surface;
  • Convenience in installation;
  • High heat resistance - up to + 100°С;
  • It can be used in any gravity sewer network according to DIN EN 12056 and DIN 1986-100.

In addition, the material from which the silent sewage system is made has a high density - 1.6 g / cm3.


Products catalog


Ostendorf Skolan Safe pipes are made of mineralized polypropylene and are resistant to high temperatures. Pipes with a nominal diameter from DN 56 to DN 200 can be used in any non-pressure drain...
Ostendorf Skolan Safe bends are used for the installation of drainage system. The bends are a pipe which is bent at angle of 15°, 45°, 67° and 87°. They are made of mineralized polypropylene - t...
Ostendorf Skolan Safe T-pieces are made of high quality mineralized polypropylene. They have excellent mechanical and acoustic characteristics, are characterized by a low noise level so that they c...
Ostendorf Skolan Safe pipe crosses are divided into two types: Double branches; Corner branches. Pipe crosses are made of mineralized polypropylene, they have high soundproof character...
Ostendorf Skolan Safe inspection pipes are used to inspect the condition of the drainage system. They represent a pipe with special branch which is closed with a rectangular cover. The cover closes...
Ostendorf Skolan Safe reducers are designed for connecting pipes and fittings with different diameters. Reducers are made of mineralized polypropylene and have the following characteristics: ...
Ostendorf Skolan Safe couplers are divided into several types: Single sockets (with a sealing gasket); Double sockets; Slip couplers.
Ostendorf Connection pieces are designed to connect the Skolan Safe system to other systems. There are several types of adapters: Connection piece from Skolan Safe to NT system; Connection ...
Skolan Safe plugs are made of mineralized polypropylene and are used for closing of pipelines dead ends. The plugs are painted in light gray colour, they are characterized by high resistance to ...
This group of products includes: Gaskets for socket; Lip seals; Pullout-protections; Long sockets.