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Novopress is a German company which manufactures tools for crimping pipe press fittings since its inception. Modern Novopress press tools can be used for pressing various piping systems and connecting pipes with diameter up to 168.1 mm.

Product Catalog

Novopress press tools are designed for reliable and durable pressing of piping systems. Press tools have an ergonomic shape, they are economical.

Novopress press jaws and press collars are necessary for pressing of pipes. Press jaws and press collars are designed for use with specific series of pressing tools.

The Novopress company has been working since 1969, and the first pressing tools began to be produced in 1972. To date, the company has accumulated more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of pressing tools for connecting pipes and fittings from various materials and with different diameters.

The main advantages of press tools:

  • Ergonomic form - all tools are easily held in one hand;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • High profitability;
  • Reliable and safe handling;
  • Universality;
  • Long service life.