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The SINIKON company is the only company in Russia whose pipeline products are certified by the European quality certificate EN 1451. The company produces pipes and fittings for domestic and outdoor sewerage, as well as for rainwater system.

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Product Catalog

Sinikon Standart draimage system is made of modern polymer materials. Its service life is at least 50 years. The system is resistant to corrosion and chemistry.

Sinicon Comfort Plus it is drainage system which is designed specially for objects with increased requirements for sound insulation. Pipes and fittings are made of modern polymers and they have thickened walls.

Sinikon Rain Flow rainwater system consists of special pipes, fittings and roof outlets, and it is intended for collecting and discharging rain and melt waters.

Sinicon Universal drainage system, which is made of polypropylene, is universal, so that it is suitable for domestic and outdoor drainage systems, as well as for rainwater systems.

Sinikon outdoor drainage system is made of PVC-U. It has many advantages over traditional drainage systems, in particular it is not susceptible to corrosion.

Sinicon Thermoline pipes are characterized by elasticity, resistance to freezing of water, corrosion by chemicals, as well as ease of installation. In addition, cross-linked polyethylene pipes have a long service life.

Brass axial fittings can be used with PEX and PERT pipes to create permanent connections. Suitable for systems of cold and hot water supply, as well as heating.

Sinikon drains are made of high quality materials - of durable polypropylene and steel. They can be adjustable and unregulated.

Metal and plastic Sinicon clamps are designed for fixing pipelines. They are distinguished by high quality, economy, durability and reliability.

Sinikon fire protection sleeves can be installed to the mounted pipelines. They do not require special maintenance and provide reliable protection against the spread of smoke and fire in the event of a fire.

Our catalog contains the most popular products of the famous Italian brand - Giacomini. We offer you high quality manifolds, manifold and mixing units, as well as special fittings for system installation.

The "SINIKON" Company delivers high-quality complex solutions for sewer systems to the Russian market.

The company started work in 1996 - a factory was opened in Dmitrov, and the factory produced PP pipes for domestic sewage systems.

In 2004 the factory began to produce connecting elements (fittings) - this made it possible to offer consumers complete solutions for sewage systems.

In 2007 a new plant of the company was opened in Troitsa, and this plant is equipped with high-performance equipment, which allows to produce products that meet all Russian and European quality standards. The highest quality of pipeline equipment is confirmed by the certificates which was received by the company "SINIKON": in 2015 the GOST 32414-2013 "Pipes and fittings from polypropylene for internal sewerage systems" was awarded, and in 2016 the certificate of compliance with the European standard DIN EN 1451-1 was awarded.

The company is constantly introducing new technologies into production and expanding the range of products. So that the company offers complete solutions for water supply and sewerage systems made of modern polymer materials, which ensure reliability, comfort and durability of the system.

SINIKON products

The "SINIKON" Company produces several types of pipeline systems:

  • Standart - drainage system with increased frost resistance of pipes, so that the pipes can withstand the impact of standard load at certain temperature at temperature of -10 °C;
  • Comfort - drainage system with reduced noise level;
  • Universal - universal pipeline system which is suitable for the installation of outdoor and domestic drainage system;
  • Outdoor sewerage of PVC-U;
  • Rain Flow - rainwater system which consists of roof outlets, special pipes and fittings.

All pipeline systems offer consumers a complete range of fittings, including clamps for fastening pipes and fittings.

Another important advantage is a long warranty period. All products are guaranteed for 20 years - the warranty period has been extended from June 17, 2022. If it is impossible to determine the production period for Sinicon products, then the warranty period will be 15 years! In addition, if damage occurs due to a manufacturing defect, it will be reimbursed (up to 7.5 million rubles).

And if you consider that our price is one of the lowest, then the buying is doubly profitable.

For engineers

The installation of pipeline systems does not occur without a preliminary  engineering of the pipeline - reliability and duration of the system operation often depend on this. To obtain models of pipes and fittings for  engineering in Revit or Autocad format, write a request to project@inrusstrade.ru. We will promptly respond to you and give all the necessary information.