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Sinikon Rain Flow rainwater system

Synicon Rain Flow is a system for internal drainage which provides drainage of rain and meltwater from the roofs of residential and industrial buildings.

The Rain Flow pipeline system consists of several elements:

  • pipes;
  • fittings;
  • roof outlets which are installed on the roofs of buildings.

All elements of the system are made of high-quality modern materials and meet the highest requirements.

Product Catalog

Sinikon Rain Flow pipes are used for the installation of internal gutters, and they must meet certain requirements. First of all, they must withstand the pressure of the column of water that arises...
Sinikon Rain Flow roof outlets are made of high quality materials. They are installed on the roofs of residential and industrial buildings. Roof outlets can be equipped with: Leaf strainer...
Sinikon Rain Flow fittings are made of modern polymer materials, they are durability and resistant to corrosion, and they are characterized by low weight. The fittings for the rainwater system i...
Compression fittings for the SINIKON Rain Flow drainage system are made only of high quality materials and have several advantages. One of the main advantages of compression fittings is simple and ...