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Sinikon drains: unregulated and adjustable

Drainage drains are designed for reception and drainage of sewage from the floor. The drains can have horizontal or vertical outlet.

The drains meet the quality standard of GOST 1811-97 "Drains for building water drainage systems. Specifications".

The drains are equipped with gratings and special hydraulic seal which prevents the penetration of sewage odor into the room.

Connection method is socket-shaped.

Adjustable drains with diameters of 50 and 110 mm can have vertical or horizontal outlet. A distinctive feature of adjustable drains is the ability to adjust their height. The body of adjustable...
Unregulated drains are made of high quality polypropylene, they can be gray or white. They are equipped with a grate which can be made of plastic and stainless steel. The drains can have horizon...