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SML cast iron sewerage system PAM-GLOBAL

PAM-GLOBAL SML pipeline system is used for wastewater disposal in high-rise buildings, laboratories, business centers, hospitals etc. The PAM-GLOBAL socketless drainage system is mounted with couplings, the connections are distinguished by their reliability and absolute tightness. A more complete description is at the bottom of the page.

Product Catalog

Pam Global® S pipes are used in house plumbing and they can use for removal of wastewater in the business centers, laboratories, high-rise buildings and other buildings with high requirements for fire safety and soundproofing.

In the our Pam Global catalogue is presented not only pipes and fittings for drainage system but also connecting elements and other equipment for installation of sewer system.

PAM-GLOBAL PLUS® pipes and fittings use for wastewater with greater than normal load. They are covered by layer of acrylic resin, such that pipes and fittings of PAM-GLOBAL PLUS system are got additional protection against external influences. PAM-GLOBAL PLUS® system is most suited for industrial applications. The pipe system is allowed to lay in the ground, including places where water have direct access to the pipes.

Pam Global couplings use for facilitate connection between parts of SML sewage system. The main distinguishing characteristics of the couplings is the ease of installation and high reliability. The couplings is characterized in diameter ranking from 50 to 600 mm and they can withstand the pressure up to 10 bar.

You do not always can dispense only the connection couplings when installing pipeline. If the pressure in pipeline can increase, you will need use the PAM-GLOBAL grip collars. They are characterized by easy installation, and they provide reliable and durable connection of pipes.

The Konfix transitional connectors and the sleeves of TEP allow to connect the PAM-GLOBAL SML system to pipes made of other materials. They provide stable and reliable connection of pipes in spite of ease installation.

Major characteristics of Pam-Global® - SML system

The factory for the production of SML pipesOne of the main advantages of cast-iron is that it does not burn or melt in a fire and does not emit harmful toxins. This is confirmed by studies conducted in many countries around the world. Also, is not required any special covering with fire retardant materials. With increased requirements for fire protection in the construction of the system no-hub SML Pam-Global® is indispensable.

The absence of flares can provide better sealing of joints and connections, eliminates the use of additional sealing materials and makes the elements of the system easier and more versatile, also the time installation of the sewerage system is reduced. To connect no-hub elements the clamps are used, which are made from high-quality grades of stabilized chrome steel, stainless steel for laying in the ground and chemically resistant rubber and can withstand internal and external pressure gauge to 0.5 bar.

Manufacture of pipes PamIn combination with the reinforcing collar system works smoothly in the pressure regime up to 10 bar. and has the best protection against corrosion. No-hub SML system Pam-Global® has high abrasion resistance and smooth surface, due to a special internal covering of epoxy resin with the optimized properties of pipes and surface treatment of the inner and outer surfaces by electrophoresis incataphoresof fittings. Noiseless system in operation.

Pipes are not sensitive to heat and cold. Cast-iron has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion: 0.0115 mm / m (almost like concrete), so unproblematic concreting is possible. System PAM-GLOBAL® is a fully accredited in Russia and meets all international standards, regulations and rules  (DIN 19522, EN 877).

The Saint-Gobain PAM Company which is a member of the Saint Gobain Group manufactures the PAM pipe systems characterized by many advantages. Products have been manufactured at a factory in France for over 25 years.


Benefits of Pam Global systems:

House with sewerage system

1. Increased tensile strength and compressive strength;

2. Corrosion resistance with exposure of wastewater;

3. High environmental performance - products made of natural elements, ie magnesium, silicon and carbon, and it is recycled;

4. Preservation of operational properties when used in all conditions;

5. High resistance to wear - mechanical properties of the pipes allow them to continue to operate at about 2 times longer than similar products made of plastic;

6. Ease of mounting and dismantling;

7. High sound insulation;

8. High speed of installation or system configuration change.

9. The absence of movement joints, and it simplifies and reduces the cost of installation.

10. Minimal maintenance during the lifetime of the building in normal conditions.

Another advantage of drainage systems PAM-GLOBAL is the material of manufacture - for production of the pipes and fittings is used cast iron which is classified as A1 in the Euroclass classification reaction to fire. When testing in an independent laboratory the pipes, fittings and other accessories for Pam systems received the following excellent Euroclass ranking: A2 -s1, d0. For smoke emission and the production of flaming droplets the PAM products was received the best possible rating: s1, d0. The melting point of cast iron is 1000 °C. So that you can use PAM drainage systems without additional fire protection.

Economic accessibility

Use of SML cast iron pipes in sewage systems is more profitable, despite higher Pam Global product prices, because Pam Global pipeline systems does not require additional funds to provide:

  • Resistance to fire, so that there is no cost to fire couplings;
  • Lowering the noise generation;
  • Protection against rodents;
  • High installation speed which take a long time usually.


Pam Global SML system is used for installation of drainage systems in:

  • Shopping centers and supermarkets;
  • Hospitals;
  • Chemical laboratories;
  • Food industry enterprises;
  • Public places;
  • Business center;
  • Private low-rise buildings;
  • Apartment complexes and private apartments.

Reasonable price and high performance are made Pam-Global SML pipes popular sewerage equipment, demand for which retains upward trend and demand for the Pam-Global systems grows.

For engineers

The installation of pipeline systems does not occur without a preliminary  engineering of the pipeline - reliability and duration of the system operation often depend on this. To obtain models of pipes and fittings for  engineering in Revit or Autocad format, write a request to project@inrusstrade.ru. We will promptly respond to you and give all the necessary information.

Buy Pam Global products

You will need contact our managers to order Pam-Global products. Our company is distributor of cast iron Pam Global socketless systems, so we offer Pam Global products at the lowest prices. All pipes and fittings for SML systems are presented in the current Pam Global price list.