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Socketless sewage pipes and fittings PAM-GLOBAL® Plus

SAINT-GOBAIN PAM-GLOBAL PLUS® system is designed to handle wastewater with a load exceeding normal domestic use (including exposure to external damp and internal aggressive chemical environments). It is recommended for laying in the ground, in places where there is direct access to moisture to pipes, as well as for chemical industries, the food industry and hospitals.

PAM-GLOBAL PLUS® pipes and fittings are made of cast iron. The outer part of the pipes has a zinc coating (density 130 g/m2) and a primer layer of acrylic paint (color grey, thickness 40 µm), while the inner part has a two-component epoxy coating in ocher color (thickness 250 µm). Fittings are coated with gray epoxy inside and outside (thickness 300 µm).

Main advantages:

  • low coefficient of thermal expansion - only 0.0105 mm/m °C, due to which a pipe with a diameter of 100 mm and a length of 10 m will stretch by 5.3 mm when the temperature rises by 50 °C, which compensates for the clamps;
  • operational safety;
  • high level of fire safety - pipes and fittings of the PAM-GLOBAL PLUS® system correspond to fire safety class A2, sl-d0;
  • high level of acoustic comfort;
  • resistance to hot water and chemical compounds;
  • simple installation.
Pipes       (1 Product) Показать все
Cast Iron Pipe PAM-GLOBAL® Plus
Bends       (13 Products) Показать все
Bend PAM-GLOBAL® Plus 45˚ with elongated side 250mm
Bend PAM-GLOBAL® Plus 88˚ with elongated side 250mm
Bend PAM-GLOBAL® Plus 22˚
Single branches       (7 Products) Показать все
PAM-GLOBAL® Plus T-shaped connector for pipes
88˚ single branch PAM-GLOBAL® Plus
68˚ single branch PAM-GLOBAL® Plus
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PAM-GLOBAL® Plus Corner branch 45°
PAM-GLOBAL® Plus Double branch 68°
PAM-GLOBAL® Plus double branch 88˚
Access pipes       (2 Products) Показать все
Rectangular access pipe PAM-GLOBAL® Plus
Round access pipe PAM-GLOBAL® Plus
Eccentric reducers       (1 Product) Показать все
Eccentric reducer PAM-GLOBAL® Plus
Traps       (1 Product) Показать все
Branch trap PAM-GLOBAL® Plus
Ending covers       (3 Products) Показать все
Blank end PAM-GLOBAL® Plus
Expansion plug PAM-GLOBAL® Plus
Ending cover PAM-GLOBAL® Plus with galvanized clamping cramp and sealing EPDM rubber
Suppoting tube       (3 Products) Показать все
Bracket for supporting tube with vulcanized rubber ring PAM-GLOBAL® Plus
Suppoting tube PAM-GLOBAL® Plus
PAM-GLOBAL® Plus Stack support pipe