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Product Catalog

IBP B-Press press fittings can be used with copper pipes for installation of heating systems and water applications, including drinking water. They are made of high-quality copper and yellow brass.

IBP B-Press Inox fittings and pipes are made of stainless steel. They are suitable for heating systems, water supply and fire extinguishing systems. They have long service life and guarantee.

IBP B-Press Carbon system is made of galvanised carbon steel and is intended for heating systems and hot and cold non drinking water applications. It has a high quality O-Ring of EPDM that forms a secure leak free joint when pressed.

IBP threaded brass adapters include various groups of products: threaded joints, crosses, plugs, couplings etc.

Conex Bänninger (IBP Group) is a company which manufactures fittings made of stainless steel and carbon steel, copper, bronze and brass under a worldwide recognized brand. And now the company is a leading manufacturer of fittings and accessories for sanitary purposes

The company began operations in 1909, and for more than 100 years the company has earned reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality products. Century of experience in the manufacture of fittings for plumbing systems has allowed Conex Bänninger to become one of the main experts in its field - IBP products are often chosen by professionals, because it meets the changing needs in engineering.

IBP Products

The IBP product line includes:

  • Compression fittings;
  • Threaded fittings;
  • Soldered fittings;
  • Self-clamping fittings;
  • Press fittings;
  • Adapter connectors.

All IBP products can be used for installation of household equipments. For example:

  • For hot and cold water supply systems;
  • For drinking water supply systems;
  • For heating systems (installation on oil heating equipment is possible);
  • For air conditioning and ventilation systems;
  • For pipelines of technical and medical gas etc.

The highest quality of fittings, which are manufactured with the help of the most modern technology, ensures reliable and trouble-free operation of plumbing systems for many years.

One of the guarantors of high quality products is the certificate of the quality management system PN-EN ISO 9001: 2008.