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MAYER fasteners are made from high-quality raw materials. Clamps for normal and high loads are available, as well as sets of clamps, including the clamp itself and a stud with a dowel.

MAYER is a Russian company engaged in the production of fasteners for various purposes. The production site is located in the city of Chekhov (Moscow region), its own production was established in 2017.

The production and technological base is constantly developing. The entire production process is under constant control, and the products are tested (both in our own laboratory and in leading testing and certification centers in Russia), so that all manufactured fasteners are of the highest quality.

The products are made from high-quality raw materials from leading Russian metallurgical plants. In addition, the price of products has minimal dependence on the exchange rate, customs duties or other external factors.

Buy MAYER clamps

Our company offers to buy MAYER clamps for pipeline installation with delivery to any region of Russia. Our managers will help you choose the right plumbing clamps.

All products have quality certificates and necessary certificates.