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Uponor multilayer systems are made of high–quality raw materials: fittings are made of corrosion–resistant brass or PPSU; and pipes are made of polyethylene with increased heat resistance, glued with an aluminum layer.

The reliable Uponor HTP system is designed for the installation of internal sewer systems. It is made of a modified polypropylene copolymer. Pipes and fittings are painted gray or white.

Pipes and fittings of Uponor Decibel are made of polypropylene reinforced with mineral additives. The system is characterized by high noise insulation, so it can be installed in rooms with high requirements for sound insulation. It is also durable, resistant to corrosion and chemicals.

Pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene PE-Xa and shaped elements made of brass or polymers from Uponor are designed for the installation of heating, cooling and water supply systems, including drinking water. They are durable and resistant to corrosion. The working pressure is 10 bar.

Uponor Systems thermal insulation pipes are designed for the installation of heat supply and hot water supply systems. The pipes are made of cross-linked PE-X polyethylene, have thermal insulation and a protective corrugated casing. Shaped elements made of high-quality brass are produced especially for thermal insulation pipes.

High-quality underfloor heating elements from Uponor include: pipes, connectors, manifolds and pumping and mixing units, collector cabinets made of galvanized steel, fixing anchors, pipe panels, etc.

Uponor Ventilation ventilation systems are made of high-quality polypropylene. The system elements are lightweight, reliable, durable, corrosion resistant and easy to install.

Uponor RTM shaped elements are made of high–quality PPSU polymer and are easy to install - to connect the pipe, it is enough to insert it into the fitting until it clicks. The fittings are reliable, durable and resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.

Uponor battery tools are designed for mounting PE-Xa pipes. The tools are supplied in suitcases, making them easy to transport and store. They are suitable for mounting pipes with diameters up to 32 mm.

Uponor is a corporation known as one of the leading manufacturers in the international polymer pipeline market in the world. Uponor products are suitable for installation of both heating and plumbing systems. Uponor pipes and fittings are easy to install and highly environmentally friendly.

The current production potential of the corporation is concentrated on 10 enterprises in Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Finland and the USA. The holding's products are supplied to more than 100 countries.

The main advantages of Uponor products:

  • most advanced technologies are used in the manufacture of products;
  • high energy efficiency;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • long service life;
  • the products meet the final expectations of consumers;
  • simple and reliable installation;
  • full tightness.

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