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VIEGA pipeline system and plumbing equipment

VIEGA pipeline systems, which are made of stainless steel, copper and brass, are of the highest quality and can be installed in hospitals, hotels, low-rise buildings, stadiums, etc. A wide range of products allows to find all the products from one manufacturer.

Product Catalog

Viega Sanpress Inox piping system is made of stainless steel and is suitable for heating and plumbing systems, as well as rainwater, agriculture, industry and compressed air systems.

Viega Prestabo pipeline system is designed for heating systems. It is made of non-alloy steel. It is mounted with the help of press connectors.

Viega Pexfit Pro is a pipeline with polyethylene pipes. It is designed for the installation of water and heating systems. The fittings are made of bronze and PPSU. the system can be used to drain rainwater and for compressed air systems.

Viega Profipress press fittings can be used in various application areas, for example, when installing drinking systems. The fittings are made of copper and gunmetal. The system complies with all health standards

Economical and reliable Viega MegaPress press system is suitable for cooling and heating systems, compressed air systems, industry, fire protection systems.

Underfloor heating Viega Fonterra is used to evenly distribute heat throughout the entire area of the room. The system consists of heating pipes, base snap plates, radiators.

VIEGA Smartpress is a press system for the installation of heating systems and drinking water supply. Consists of multi-layer pipes and press fittings with optimized flow characteristics.

Viega gunmetal fittings are distinguished by considerable thickness of the walls which makes them more reliable and durable. They are suitable for drinking water supply systems.

Viega Soldered fittings are resistant to ultraviolet and corrosion. They are durable and resistant to mechanical damage. They are made of gunnmetal and copper.

Viega Easytop - shut-off and control valves which are made of gunnmetal and stainless steel, they are suitable for drinking water and heating systems. The design of valves allows to prevent hydraulic shocks at operation that protects armature, pipelines and the equipment.

VIEGA gas fittings meet the highest requirements and are made of quality materials. Installation is quick and easy with press tools.

Viega drain and sewer fittings are made of high quality materials. All products are characterized by long life and durability. They have an attractive appearance that facilitates their installation.

Tools are designed for installation of Viega piping systems. The tools are ideally suited for Viega pipelines but they can be used with some other systems also. All tools are longevous, easy to use and reliable.

The Viega company has been operating for more than 115 years. To date, Viega is the world leader in the production of engineering and plumbing equipment - the company has 10 representative offices in various countries of the world and headquarters in Germany, more than 4000 employees and a wide range of products.

Advantages of Viega products


Viega products are not only of high quality, but also have excellent design. Hinged sanitary ware and pipeline systems were awarded with various awards repeatedly - Viega products received more than 100 design awards.

Fire protection

All products have excellent fire protection. For example, pipeline systems are installed with zero spacing and this makes it possible to cope with very demanding installation situations, significantly exceed current standards, and deliver the best possible basis for safe building installations.

Energy efficiency

Heating and cooling systems and insulation are manufactured using innovative solutions which makes it possible to provide energy-efficient construction.

System solutions

A wide range of products Viega allows to find all the necessary products from one manufacturer which protects against possible problems associated with incompatibilities of systems during installation.

Highest quality

One of the main advantages of Viega products is its highest quality. High quality standards are applied already at the stage of material selection for the production of systems - only if the material meets strict criteria, it will be used in the manufacture of products.

Before shipment, all products are carefully checked for durability and hardness, while the products are designed not only for normal, but also for extreme operating conditions. For example, piping systems can withstand temperatures as low as -30 °C without losing their properties.

Areas of application

Viega offers perfectly balanced range of products that can be used in various fields: construction, industry, shipbuilding.

Viega pipeline systems and plumbing equipment are practical and technically complex solutions for mounting the water supply, heating or gas systems. Viega products are suitable for use in hospitals, stadiums and other sports facilities, in the hospitality industry, etc.