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HL (Hutterer Lechner)

The HL traps are designed for various equipment and they withstand of wastewater with high temperature (up to + 95 °C). One of the hallmarks of HL traps is their special design, so that they are not clogged. Also the models HL traps can have ball-joint outlet, which simplifies the process of their installation under baths and shower trays.

The HL drains are used for disposal of wastewater into the sewerage system and they install in the buildings or in the open air. HL drains can withstand load from 150 kg to 15 tonnes, and they are connected to pipes with the diameters ranging from 40 to 160 mm. The majority of models are equipped with a round or square cover.

HL roof outlets implement the most convenient drainage of rainwater from any roof. They are characterized by high capacity which can reach 14 l/s (due to a special design).

Anti-flood valves are divided into mechanical and electrical. Also the Hutterer & Lechner Company produces non-return valves which do not allow underflooding.

If access to the roof is impossible or impeded, you will should use the HL air admittance valves - they increase capacity of non-ventilated sewerage risers.

HL rain water hoppers are used for removing precipitation from the storm water drainage system into the major stormwater drain. Capacity can reach 6.67 l/s.

Pan connectors are used for easy connection of toilets to the sewerage systems. The HL Company produces various models the pan connectors and connector kits for fast and easy connecting any kind of toilet to sewage system.

Spare parts, waterproofing membranes, adapters, mounting elements - it is additional products which can be required for HL plumbing equipments.

The Hutterer & Lechner Company started manufacturing of plumbing equipment in 1950. Initially the company produced the lead products, but this material was replaced by polymers which allowed to expand the product line for a short time.

Product range

Catalog HL contains more than 600 types of various plumbing equipment. The products can be divided in types:

  • Drains for balconies and terraces, inner rooms, basements, garages, courtyards;
  • Roof outlets with heated or without it;
  • Anti-flood valves for protection the premises from flooding and rodents;
  • Rain hopper;
  • Traps for sinks, bathtubs, toilets, various of plumbing equipment etc.;
  • Connectors for connection of sewerage system and toilet;
  • Sealing kits for sealing of holes that appear between pipeline and building structures;
  • Air admittance valves fot installing in unventilated risers;
  • Special equipment for installation sewerage system.


HL products have the several advantages:

  • All products conform to the ISO 9001;
  • The company does not use in manufacture toxic materials;
  • All products is tested in the HL laboratories;
  • The company use in manufacture the innovation technology;
  • Extensive product line allows you do not adjust plan of building in accord with standard equipment;
  • Installation is simplified as much as possible etc.

Want to buy?

HL plumbing equipment has another advantage - low prices. The products are distinguished by their democratic prices and durability, so that equipment will have to be changed less often. For an overview of the assortment, see our price list for Hutterer & Lechner products.