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VALTEC Engineering plumbing products

Product Catalog

The VALTEC piping system made of polypropylene is designed for installation of heating and plumbing systems. Pipes and fittings are durable, resistant to corrosion and chemicals.

VALTEC multilayer pipes and fittings are durable and easy to install. Can be used for installation of systems of water supply and heating. Pipes are made of high density polyethylene and aluminum, and high-quality sanitary brass is used for the manufacture of fittings.

Stainless steel pipes and fittings from the VALTEC brand are used in the installation of heating systems, as well as hot or cold water supply systems. They are durable, resistant to corrosion, hygienically safe, and also not subject to silting.

Elements of heating systems from the Valtec brand are distinguished by excellent technical characteristics and include all the products necessary for installing heating in a private or apartment building. Manufactured on modern equipment, meet the most stringent standards.

Valtec shut-off and control valves are manufactured using modern equipment from high-quality raw materials. Ball valves, check valves and other fittings are distinguished by durability, reliability and tightness of connections.

Valtec safety and control valves are used in the installation of heating and water supply pipelines, they are necessary for the safe, comfortable and economic use of engineering systems. Made from high quality raw materials.

Valtec threaded fittings are made from high quality brass. Suitable for the installation of piping systems made of various materials, such as steel, brass, copper and metal polymers. All fittings are easy to assemble, durable and reliable, requiring virtually no maintenance.

Valtec steel and brass manifolds are made from high quality raw materials. Manifold systems include all products required for mounting manifolds, including brackets and stainless steel manifold cabinets.

Valtec aluminum radiators can be installed both in apartment buildings and in private cottages. Installation is simple. Radiators are made only from high quality raw materials, they have increased heat transfer and high strength.

Thermoregulatory fittings are special Valtec valves that are installed on heating radiators. Can be manual and automatic. Made from high quality raw materials. Type of execution: straight or angular.

Valtec produces manometers, thermometers and thermomanometers - they are needed to measure pressure and temperature in water supply and heating systems. Control-measuring devices have different ways of connection, as well as ranges of measured temperatures and pressures.

Valtec metering devices are meters for metering the consumption of thermal energy and water. Suitable for heating and water supply systems with operating pressures up to 16 bar. Differ in reliability, durability and accuracy.

The installation of Valtec piping systems requires special tools: facers, pipe cutters, tools for welding, as well as for crimping fittings and pipes. All products comply with technical standards.

Valtec is a Russian-Italian company specializing in the production of piping systems and engineering plumbing adapted to the weather conditions in Russia.

Advantages of Valtek:

  • Production lines are almost completely computerized - this allows not only to produce the largest volume of products per unit of time, but also to eliminate possible errors.
  • Multistage quality control of products.
  • Implementation of the latest technologies in production.
  • Trouble-free service of elements of engineering systems throughout the entire operational period.
  • Long service life - from 10 to 50 years, depending on the type of product.
  • Long warranty - up to 10 years!

Product range


Pipes are one of the most demanded types of products. Valtec produces several types of pipes:

  • polypropylene - used for the installation of water supply systems, as well as heating. Pipes are made of high quality polypropylene, can be reinforced with fiberglass or aluminum foil;
  • metal-plastic - designed for water supply systems, heating and technological pipelines;
  • steel - used for the installation of heating, cold and hot water supply systems. Made from stainless steel.

Main advantages:

  • durability;
  • hygienic safety;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • low probability of silting;
  • resistance to aggressive substances;
  • resistance to wear and deformation;
  • small linear expansion;
  • economy.

The working medium temperature is +80°C (for PP pipes) and can reach +140°C (for steel pipes with FPM sealing rings).

Working pressure: up to 25 bar.

The service life of pipes and fittings is 50 years if the operating conditions are observed.

Shut-off and control valves

Shut-off and control valves manufactured by Valtec can be installed on pipelines for various purposes: heating, technical, plumbing, etc.


  • case with increased margin of safety;
  • high reliability;
  • reinforced safety handle;
  • ease of installation;
  • complete tightness of connections;
  • the possibility of repair.

Ball valves are made of high quality brass.

Working pressure varies from 16 to 40 bar.

Working temperature: from -20 to +150 °C.

Ball valves are durable - their resource reaches 55 thousand cycles (depending on the series and operating conditions).

Other products

Valtec also produces the following products:

  • sealants;
  • counters for accounting of water and thermal energy;
  • collector systems;
  • radiators;
  • reducers;
  • valves;
  • fastening elements;
  • tool.

For designers

Any pipeline requires preliminary design - often the reliability and duration of the system operation depend on the correctness of the project. To receive models of pipes and fittings for design in Revit or Autocad format, write a request to project@inrusstrade.ru. We will promptly respond to you and provide all the necessary information.

How to buy

Our company offers only original Valtec products.

To buy Valtec products, simply select the desired items in our Catalog, which is conveniently categorized, or in our price list, which can be downloaded from the Price and certificate page. To place an order, call our managers and they will reserve the selected positions.

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