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VALTEC Engineering plumbing products

Product Catalog

VALTEC polypropylene pipes and fittings are used for installation of water supply and heating systems. They are distinguished by their durability and resistance to corrosion and chemical reagents.

Valtec multilayer system is suitable for the installation of heating and water supply systems. The pipes are made of high density polyethylene and aluminum, fittings are made of sanitary brass.

Corrosion-resistant, durable, hygienically safe, non-clogging Valtec stainless steel pipes and fittings are ideal for installation of heating systems and hot and cold water systems.

Valtec heating systems include all the necessary products for the installation of heating systems in apartment buildings and private homes. All elements of heating systems are made on the most modern equipment and meet the most stringent standards.

Shut-off and control valves are required when installing piping systems. Valtec manufactures high-quality shut-off and control valves with a long service life and reliability.

For economical, comfortable and safe use of VALTEC heating and water systems the control valves are used. Pressure reducers and valves are made of high quality materials, meet the requirements of the application and operating conditions in Russian plumbing and heating systems.

VALTEC threaded fittings are suitable for installation of systems of any materials, including steel, metal-polymers, copper and brass. Fittings are made of brass, characterized by simple installation, durability and high reliability.

VALTEC manifold systems include steel and brass manifolds, stainless steel distributor cabinets, brackets for mounting the manifolds and other fittings used in the installation of the manifolds.

Radiator systems consist of aluminum radiators which are suitable for use both in apartment buildings and in private cottages, and special components for them. Radiators have increased heat dissipation and increased strength.

Valtec manual and automatic valves are installed on radiators to control the temperature of radiators. They are made of high quality materials, they can have a straight and angular type of execution.

Monitoring and measuring devices - manometers, thermometers and thermomanometers which are installed in water supply and heating systems for measuring temperature and pressure. Monitoring and measuring devices differs in connection type, case diameters and ranges of temperature and pressure measurements.

Water and heat meters are made of high quality materials and are characterized by durability, accuracy and reliability. They are suitable for systems with operating pressures up to 16 bar.

Valtec tools are used when installing water and heating systems. This section includes tools for trimming, facing, pressing of press fittings and welding of polypropylene pipes etc.

Valtec is a Russian-Italian company and it is engaged in the production of engineering plumbing and piping systems which are adapted to Russian weather conditions.

Over the years, the Valtec company has gained a significant market share - about 1.2 million m2 of housing in the metropolitan region is completed with Valtec products.

The main advantages of Valtec:

  • Production lines are almost 100% computerized, so the maximum amount of high-quality products per unit of time is produced.
  • Introduction of innovative technologies.
  • Multistage quality control of engineering plumbing in production lines.
  • Trouble-free product service for the entire lifetime.
  • Long service life - 10 years!

Product range


Valtec pipes are divided into several types:

  • multilayer;
  • polypropylene;
  • stainless steel.

All types of pipes are suitable for the installation of heating systems and hot and cold water systems.


  • durability;
  • resistance to deformation and wear;
  • resistance to aggressive effluents;
  • resistance to corrosion and overgrowing;
  • relatively small linear expansion;
  • profitability.

Shut-off and control valves

Ball valves and other shut-off and control valves are installed on pipeline systems for drinking and domestic purposes, hot water supply, compressed air and heating systems, as well as technical pipelines for transporting liquids that are not aggressive to materials of valves.


  • high margin of safety;
  • high resource reliability;
  • reinforced safety handle;
  • maintainability.

Other plumbing products

In addition to the above products, the company Valtec produces:

  • counters for water;
  • sealants;
  • monitoring and metering instruments;
  • collector systems;
  • heating radiators;
  • valves and gears;
  • fasteners and tools.

For engineers

The installation of pipeline systems does not occur without a preliminary  engineering of the pipeline - reliability and duration of the system operation often depend on this. To obtain models of pipes and fittings for  engineering in Revit or Autocad format, write a request to project@inrusstrade.ru. We will promptly respond to you and give all the necessary information.

How to buy

Our company sells only Valtec branded products - we work only with reliable suppliers.

To purchase Valtec products, select the necessary articles in our Catalog, which is divided into categories conveniently, or in the price list, which can be downloaded from the Price and Certificates page. To order the selected products, call our managers - they will reserve the selected positions.

Payment is carried out in convenient ways for you.

After payment we will send the products to the address you specify immediately: within Moscow we can deliver the order on our own and we turn to verified transport companies to send the order to other regions.