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Heating radiators and VALTEC components for them

Our online store presents a wide range of heating radiators allowing to choose the most suitable device in terms of size, number of sections and other characteristics.

All aluminum radiators are characterized by increased strength and heat dissipation.

For long-term and correct operation of heating systems, it is required to use special VALTEC components which are designed specifically for heating appliances.

Radiators       (46 Products) Показать все
VALTEC Radiator Base 500/100, aluminum, 10 sections (Brixis) [Code number: BRX.BAS.51/10]
VALTEC Aluminum radiator TENRAD 500/100, 1 section [Code number: TNRD.51/1]
VALTEC Radiator 500/80, aluminum, 4 sections (TENRAD) [Code number: TNRD.58/4]
4 308 rub
Accessories       (25 Products) Показать все
VALTEC Extension for radiator, right, d 3/4" [Code number: VT.503.D.05]
438 rub
VALTEC Universal kit TENRAD for mounting radiators (with 2 brackets), d 3/4" [Code number: TENRAD.100A3]
558 rub
VALTEC Universal kit TENRAD for mounting radiators (without brackets), d 1/2" [Code number: TENRAD.В42B1]
410 rub