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Plumbing and drainage Geberit

Geberit PE pipe systems are used for industry, commercial or laboratory facilities. Pipes and fittings are resistant to high temperatures. It is resistant against around 95% of all commercially available alkalis, acids and chemicals.

Geberit Silent-PP system is one of the best drainage systems. Geberit Silent-PP pipes and fittings have a high-capacity, resistance to low temperatures and UV-resistance. Geberit Silent-PP system is mounted without compensation joints.

Geberit Silent-db20 is drainage system for buildings with increased levels of sound proofing. Outstanding acoustical insulation properties are achieved by the mineral reinforced plastic and sound insulation ribs in the impact zones further reduce noise development.

Geberit Pluvia roof drainage system have reduced diameter pipes and high capacity - up to 100 l/s.

Geberit Mepla multilayer pipes are characterized by durable connections, corrosion-resistant and light. Geberit Mepla system is used for heating installations and drinking water qualities without additional drinking water analysis. Geberit MeplaTherm supplements the product range with pipes and fittings for heating installations.

Geberit Mapress is charecterized by high mechanical strength. The Geberit Mapress imcludes several hundreds fittings, which allows an extremely easy way to mount the system. All fittings are connected by pressing and they are leaking if they not pressed.

Geberit Volex is an inexpensive and reliable solution for the installation of heating and water supply systems. Pipes are made of high quality plastic. They combine the strength of metal with the flexibility of plastic. Press fittings made of brass and they provide a reliable and durable connection.

Geberit floor drains and HDPE tubular traps won popularity around the world. They are characterized by high reliability, shock resistance, high capacity and easy installation. For the floor drains produced additional accessories for improving their design.

Geberit pressing tools is used for pressing Geberit press-fittings system quickly and reliably. Geberit pressing tools improve profitability on the construction site. The product range includes pressing jaws and pressing collars as well as other tools for installation of the pipeline.

The Geberit Group produces of plumbing and drainage equipment since 1874. The company is known in many countries of the world - its representations are in 41 countries. Products of the Geberit Group gained popularity for their reliability and high quality for a long time.


The Geberit Group produces several types of pipe systems:

  • Silent-PP - it is low noise drainage system made of polypropylene reinforced with mineral additives. Pipes and fittings of Silent-PP system resistant to UV radiation and stress, they withstand low temperatures and have low linear expansion;
  • HDPE - it is pipe system manufactured using high density polyethylene (HDPE). This material is characterized the highest ecological safety because it can be recycled. HDPE pipes and fittings appropriate for a multitude of application ranges incl. industry, laboratories, placement in the ground or in concrete, hot water system etc ;
  • Silent-db20 - it is drainage system with improved sound insulation, pipes and fitting are made of polyethylene reinforced with minerals. The pipe system appropriate for buildings with high requirements for sound insulation;
  • Mapress - it is pipe system can be made of stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel-free steel and silicone-free steel. Mapress is highly resistant to corrosion, reliability and shock resistance. It is approved for low and high temperatures;
  • Mepla - it is multilayer pipe system with high resistance to corrosion and abrasion resistance. Mepla pipes and fittings reliably retain its shape, they can bend and they conform to the EN ISO 21003. Mepla system can be used for drinking water and heating installations;
  • Pluvia - it is negative pressure system for roof drainage with special roof outlets design for improving their capacity. The system also is characterized ease of installation, economy and heat resistance.

Advantages of products

Geberit products are characterized by the following advantages:

  • A wide range of products - not only Geberit piping systems are produced, but also high-quality sanitary ware, so that you can purchase products from one company to ensure the supply and removal of water;
  • Prices for the products is democratical - drainage and plumbing equipment in a wide range, and customers can choose the most suitable in price and functionality products;
  • Made only of the most modern and high-quality materials and the products are reliability and durability;
  • Pipes, fittings and sanitary equipment are made in modern design and they easily fit into the interior design;
  • The Geberit Group continuously improves its products and develops innovative solutions;
  • Pipe systems are quick and easily installed;
  • The Geberit Group produces all tools for installation pipe systems and plumbing etc.

Where to buy Geberit products in Moscow

Our online store offers the Geberit pipe systems, tools for their installation and other plumbing equipment at reasonable prices. For acquaintance with product range go to the Geberit catalog which is conveniently divided at several categories.