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Drains and connections for WC Geberit

Geberit floor drains are reliable and easy to install, they are used to create the most comfortable shower area. And they are compact because the drain grating is reduced - grating in new models has size of 80x80 mm, while the capacity  remained the same high (capacity depends on the model and varies from 1.05 to 2.75 l/s).

Geberit traps for shower trays have the minimum mounting height, so you can install their in the very low shower trays. The traps have the flat shape but their capacity is sufficiently high. The internal parts of Geberit traps is removed, so you make cleaning sewage system, if necessary.

Floor drains       (9 Товаров) Показать все
Geberit floor drain with PP funnel, trap height 50 mm, outlet d 50/56 [Code number: 363.653.00.1]
Geberit floor drain, outlet d 75 [Code number: 365.630.16.1]
Geberit floor drain, PE, outlet d 110 mm, with outlet reducer d 110/75 [Code number: 367.630.16.1]
Shower drains       (5 Товаров) Показать все
Installation set for Geberit shower channel CleanLine, floor construction height from 90 mm, d50 [Code number:]
14 574 rub
Geberit floor drain for shower with steel grate, D50 [Code number:]
12 203 rub
Geberit inlet set vertical [Code number: 152.325.00.1]
HDPE traps       (15 Товаров) Показать все
[NO LONGER PRODUCED] - Geberit trap with flange screw connections, d63 [Code number: 364.730.16.1]
Geberit tubular trap, inlet from top, outlet downwards, d50, d1 56 [Code number:]
2 707 rub
Geberit S-trap for cup Genoa, vertical, black, d110 [Code number: 167.734.16.1]
9 458 rub
Connectors for WC       (19 Товаров) Показать все
Geberit WC collar set, with cover caps [Code number: 152.426.46.1]
2 108 rub
Geberit WC collar set, with cover caps, lengthened [Code number: 152.439.46.1]
4 820 rub
Geberit WC collar set, with cover caps [Code number: 152.422.46.1]
1 814 rub
Accessories       (26 Товаров) Показать все
Geberit installation frame for floor drain [Code number: 388.132.00.1]
4 551 rub
Geberit grating, not weight-bearing [Code number: 388.134.00.1]
[NO LONGER PRODUCED] - Geberit grating, stainless steel, screwable [Code number: 154.300.00.1]

The important advantages of Geberit floor drains:

  • High tightness, it is ensured by applying the special coating;
  • Easy installation;
  • Classic design and elegant appearance of the stainless steel drain grate;
  • Several design options of the drain grates;
  • High sound insulation;
  • Compact and reliability.

Geberit floor drains withstand low temperatures, they are characterized by impact resistance and resistant to chemicals and hot water. So Geberit floor drains may call the ideal choice for the shower areas.

Please note, you can buy original Geberit stairs only from authorized distributors which we are. Beware of fakes.