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Pressing tools Geberit and software

Geberit pressing tools and software conform all current requirements of devices for welding, cutting and crimping piping systems.

Geberit Company produces two types of welding machines: «Universal» and «Media». These welding machines proved their reliability, and improved models reduce operating time. New models of welding machines «Universal» and «Media» use not only on a construction site but also in a plumbing workshop which save operating time. Welding machines have a reliable base and tension devices, so that pipes and fittings are fixed reliable.

Tension devices for welding machines have diameter of 50-110 mm. Set of tension devices consistes of two basik clips DN 110 mm and several metal inserts which you would install easily inside the basik clips that change the internal dimeter.

Geberit Company produces small-sized pressing tools which you would mount Geberit press-fiting quickly, easily and reliably. Geberit pressing tools have a high compactness and they easy to use. Geberit pressing tools improve profitability on the construction site. The product range includes wireless model Geberit pressing tool with lithium-ion battery of high capacity.

Silent-db20/PE Tools       (104 Товара) Показать все
Geberit hand mitre saw [Code number: 359.832.00.1]
119 230 rub
Planer blade set made of HM, for Geberit handoperated plane d40–160 and electric plane d40–200 [Code number: 240.474.00.1]
8 597 rub
Geberit transport case Universal, empty, d40-315 [Code number: 359.698.00.0]
Mapress Tools       (228 Товаров) Показать все
Geberit Mapress marker pen [Code number: 90358]
430 rub
Blade for Geberit Mapress stripping tool, d 35/42/54 [Code number: 90396]
1 182 rub
Geberit Mapress pressing collar [2], [3], d 54 [Code number: 691.183.00.1]
89 187 rub
Volex Tools       (42 Товара) Показать все
Geberit Unwinding device [Code number: 690.617.00.1]
Geberit external bending spring, d16 [Code number: 690.912.00.1]
1 439 rub
Geberit pressing tool ECO 203 [2], in case, plug CEE 7/17 [Code number: 691.214.P2.1]
211 056 rub