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Termoclip mounting systems consist of support structures, cantilever brackets, mounting profiles (traverse), vibration isolation materials, as well as various amplifiers, connecting elements and components (more than 500 product names). A large assortment, variability and interchangeability of products allows you to choose complex, technical solutions for each specific object.

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Product Catalog

Termoclip mounting systems are made from high quality materials. Mounting elements are durable, safe and reliable. They can be used for light, heavy and extra heavy loads.

Termoclip is a Russian manufacturing company that presents a wide range of products on the construction market of Russia and the CIS countries::

  • hydro and thermal insulation materials;
  • facade and fireproof materials;
  • drainage and roof ventilation systems;
  • fasteners for building structures;
  • installation systems for engineering services.

Installation systems for engineering services

Termoclip installation systems for engineering services include the following elements:

  • Wall hanger brackets;
  • Support channels;
  • Support brackets;
  • Connectors;
  • Vibration absorbers and other components.

Installation systems for engineering services are used for quick installation and fixation of horizontal and vertical engineering systems, cable routes, ventilation, air conditioning and fire extinguishing systems, sewage and water supply, as well as engineering equipment and industrial pipelines. The use of Termoclip installation systems does not require welding and Termoclip systems comply with the highest safety and reliability requirements.

Main advantages:

  • high bearing capacity;
  • effectiveness in various fields of application;
  • durability;
  • security;
  • reliability;
  • wide range.

They are suitable for light, medium and heavy loads.


Termoclip installation systems are distinguished by a large assortment, variability and interchangeability - all this allows to choose the most economically and technically solutions for each specific project.


In our online store you can buy Termoclip installation systems with delivery in Moscow and the Moscow region. In addition, we can send the ordered products to any region of Russia through proven transport companies.

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