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The Ogneza Company is a Russian manufacturer of high-quality fire collars. "OGNEZA-PM" fire collars are designed for installation in any buildings. They are used to protect the premises from the spread of fire and smoke during fires.

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Product Catalog

OGNEZA-PM - Russian-made fire collars with a fire resistance rating up to 180 minutes. The housing of the collar is made of high-quality steel, the thermally expanding liner is made of the thermally expanding material OGNEZA-TRM. Fire collars are easy to install and dismantle.

Ogneza is a Russian manufacturer of flame retardant materials. All materials must be certified.

Production of a full cycle of passive protection which were launched in 2011.

Currently the company can produce at least 1,000 tons of flame retardants and more than 2,000,000 units of flame retardant products.

Advantages of the company:

  • highest quality which is ensured by the full automation of production processes;
  • high-tech equipment;
  • experienced engineers;
  • product quality is monitored at every stage of production.


All Ogneza products are divided into several types:

  • self-working fire collars;
  • thermal sealing tape;
  • fire retardant paints;
  • fire resistant foam etc.

We realize self-working fire collars (cuffs) which are mounted to protect against the spread of fire at the points of passage of combustible polymer pipes and cable communication through the floors and walls of buildings.

The entire line of Ogneza fire collars is presented in our catalog. To order, you need to contact our managers. We guarantee quality products.

We offer convenient ways to pay for orders and a flexible system of discounts for regular customers!

You can pick up ordered products from our warehouse in Moscow. We can also independently deliver fire couplings to the specified address - orders are sent to the regions through reliable transport companies.