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Chemkor is the largest manufacturer of PVC-U pipeline products in Russia. The company produces internal and external sewerage systems, pipes and fittings for pressurized water supply systems, as well as LayFlat pressure hoses and casing pipes for well construction.


Now Chemkor supplies products to almost all areas of the European territory and to a part of the eastern territory of Russia, as well as to the CIS countries.

The main advantages of the company

  • incoming raw materials and finished products undergo multi-stage quality control;
  • a wide range, which includes more than 450 types of pipes and fittings for various purposes;
  • only high-tech equipment is used in the production;
  • has its own accredited laboratory;
  • production capacity - about 40 thousand tons of products per year;
  • the company actively participates in the federal program for the modernization of housing and communal services.

Chemkor products

For more than 80 years, PVC-U pipes have been successfully used in the installation of pressure pipelines - their popularity is explained not only by the unique properties of the PVC material, but also by the socket type of installation, which is one of the simplest and fastest ways to connect pipeline products.

Benefits of Chemkor products:

  • suitable for many industries and construction;
  • investment costs are reduced;
  • reduced installation time;
  • long service life - about 50 years;
  • the payback period of the object is reduced;
  • safe for the environment;
  • water transported through the pipeline does not change its properties;
  • ease of repair and maintenance.

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