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Chemcore Shumex reducers

Chemcore Shumex reducers are made of high quality PVC-U and are painted white.

Main advantages:

  • low noise level (only 5-11 dB);
  • resistance to UV radiation;
  • resistance to aggressive environments;
  • simplicity and high speed of installation;
  • low bacterial growth;
  • long service life.

Connection method: socket.

Photo Name Article Price
Chemkor Shumeks Reducer, socket connection, uPVC, d - 110, d1 - 50 [Code number: 2391066]
2391066 192 rub

Purpose of application:

  • For draining water/household waste into the sewer system
  • For residential, public and industrial buildings
  • For exhaust pipes
  • For the removal of rain and melt water (the number of storeys of buildings should not exceed 4 floors, the pressure of the water column - up to 1.5 atmospheres)


  • Resistance to microorganisms, fungi and bacteria;
  • Fast installation;
  • Connection type: socket;
  • Ring stiffness: SN8;
  • High sound absorption - noise level 5-11 dB (flow rate 0.5-2 l/s);
  • High resistance to alkalis, acids and surfactants;
  • The temperature of the discharged liquids can vary from the freezing point of the effluents themselves to +60 °С (a short-term increase to +95 °С is possible);
  • The ignition temperature is +482 ° C - it does not melt, it is almost non-toxic, it does not form burning drops, it practically does not emit smoke;
  • Warranty period: 2 years from the date of manufacture (if the rules of transportation and storage are observed);
  • Service life: at least 50 years.

It is painted white.

Technical characteristics

mm mm mm mm
110 50 142,5 43


Download: 2391066 Chemical resistance

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