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WAVIN drainage and rainwater systems

Sound absorbing Wavin Asto drainage system reliably proved itself on the market. In many ways it is better than standard sewage systems. Wavin Asto drainage system has excellent sound absorption characteristics, it is lightweight and is easy to install.

Wavin Optima sewage system is made of PVC and it differs reliable and durable. The system is represented by a wide range of pipes and fittings. Guaranteed service life is 50 years.

Wavin chambers are designed for installation on sewage networks for different purposes, including household affairs. Wavin chambers are classified by functionality on: inspection, stormwater, serviced, wellhole, water meter shaft, extension.

Wavin X-Stream is drainage system with double-walled pipes, and it is highly durable and resistant to external groundwater, aggressive vapor, sewage and rainwater effluents. Wavin X-Stream pipes and fittings are made of high quality polypropylene.

Wavin Multilayer external drainage system has the highly resistance to acids and alkalis. Wavin Multilayer pipes and fittings are made of PVC.

Wavin Quick Stream is pressure rainwater system and it ideally suit for flat roofs of complex design and for large area. Wavin Quick Stream system works reliably even during periods of intense rain

Wavin Drainage system is designed for dewatering damp earth and for water disposal from roads, foundations of buildings and sports facilities. Drainage pipes may have additional protective coating, their diameters range from 50 to 180 mm. Pipes and fittings of Wavin Drainage system are made of PVC. Wavin Drainage system is easily installed.

Wavin Future K1 pipe system is used for installation systems of hot and cold water, including drinking water, it is also used for installation of central and underfloor heating systems. Wavin Future K1 metal pipes are easy installed, and they have the high resistance to corrosion.

Wavin pressure pipe system is characterized by high service life and durability. Pipes and fittings are made of PVC-U, their service life is 50 years or more. Also Wavin pressure pipe system is highly resistant to corrosion and chemical compounds.

Wavin SiTech+ drainage system is suitable for use in buildings with increased requirements for sound insulation. All fittings are painted in black color. The system is easy to install and is resistant to UV radiation.