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Wavin QuickStream Cross-pieces

Wavin QuickStream crosses are made of high-strength polyethylene and are suitable for installation of pipelines for various purposes, including industrial ones.

Crosspieces allow you to connect several pipeline flows.

The system has high flexibility and impact resistance, as well as chemical resistance. Installation is carried out by welding, which makes the connections resistant to stretching.

Wavin QuickStream cross-piece, d - 110, d1 - 110, d2 - 110 (Price on request) [Code number: 3003728]

Article: 3003728

ATTENTION! This product is temporarily unavailable for order!

Application purposes:

  • For internal sewerage
  • For waste water

Material: high density polyethylene (PE-HD)

Color: black

Pressure class: PN4

Type of connection: welding

Maximum operating temperature: +100 °С

d/d1 X1 X2-X3 H
mm mm mm mm
110/110 80 180 260

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