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Wavin Ecoplastik

Wavin Ecoplastik PPRC pipeline system is made of polypropylene. Elements of the system are low in weight, resistant to corrosion, environmental and hygienic safety, they are easily and quickly installed.

Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS heating system is made of modified polypropylene PPR-CT and PPR. It is resistant to high temperatures and pressure.

When installing Wavin Ecoplastik pipes and fittings, it is recommended to use welding machines which are designed specifically for this pipeline. Also we have pipe cutters which simplify the installation process and other equipment.

Wavin Ecoplastik is pipe system capable of transporting not only liquid but also gas and bulk materials. Wavin Ecoplastik system is made of polypropylene.

The main advantages:

  • Durability - guaranteed service life is 10 years;
  • Fully complies with sanitary norms and rules of hygiene;
  • No siltation;
  • No corrosion;
  • Easy to operate;
  • Reduced noise;
  • Quick, easy and clean installation;
  • Resistance to aggressive environments.

Assortment of Wavin Ecoplastik pipe system

The Wavin Company produces several kinds of Wavin Ecoplastik pipes and fittings. So, Wavin Ecoplastik system fittings can be completely plastic (such include tees, elbows, caps, crosses, etc.) or combined. Combined fittings are made of plastic and nickel-plated brass and they are designed for connection to metal parts of pipes.

Wavin Ecoplastik pipes can divide into several types:

  • Plastic pipes;
  • Multilayer pipes.