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Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS for heating systems

Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS pipeline system is designed specifically for the installation of heating systems.

Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS pipes and fittings are painted in white and gray colours.

Main advantages and characteristics of Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS:

  • Pipes are made of PP-RCT (type 4);
  • Fittings are made of modified polypropylene type 3 - PPR;
  • Maximum operating temperature is +90 °C;
  • 100% oxygen barrier;
  • Low linear expansion;
  • Diameters of pipes and fittings vary from 20 to 40 mm;
  • A full range of fittings - for the system the company produces special parts too;
  • Service life - 50 years;
  • Long-term guarantee - the elements of system are guaranteed for 10 years;
  • Protection against the effects of copper ions;
  • Operating pressure up to 8 bar (class 5 according to EN ISO 15874).

The production and testing meet the standarts EN ISO 15874, ISO 10508. The system complies with ISO 9001-2009.

Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS pipes are made of PP-RCT. They are suitable for installation of heating systems, as well as hot water systems. Operating temperature - up to +90 °C. They have a long ...
Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS elbows are made of polypropylene, they are compact, lightweight and ideal for installation in hard-to-reach places. The elbows are used to connect pipes and fittings ...
Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS T-pieces are used to create branching of the pipeline with a simultaneous change of direction at right angle. They can be equipped with metal thread. There are specia...
Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS cross piece is an irreplaceable fitting in those cases when it is required to create a branch of the pipeline with simultaneous direction of four branches at right angle...
Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS reducing sleeve is made of high quality polypropylene. It can have a metal insert with a thread (with an inch pitch). It is suitable for connecting polypropylene pipes a...
Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS sockets is one of the most basic and simple elements of the pipeline, it is used for connection pipes and fittings. Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS sockets are compact in si...
Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS blanking plugs are designed to close pipeline made of polypropylene. The plug has a compact size and low weight, it is suited to the corresponding pipe diameter ideally.
Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS screw union - it is polypropylene fitting for connecting pipes and fittings of the heating system. It is equipped with a metal female or male thread.
Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS shut off valve is used to shut off the flow of liquid that is transported by polypropylene pipes. The shut-off valve is compact, light in weight.
Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS clip is used for the installation of heating system and allows to secure the pipeline in the required position. It can be single and double.
When installing the Wavin Ekoplastik Therm PLUS pipeline system special accessories may be required: Filters which are used for pre-treatment of water or coolant; Radiator branches which ar...