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Outdoor drainage system Wavin X-Stream

Wavin X-Stream drainage system differs the highest reliability - X-Stream pipes have double wall that provide high ring stiffness (SN8). Wavin X-Stream system is quickly and easily installed because it has fittings with special form of socket.

Wavin X-Stream system is a new generation of double-walled corrugated pipes. It is highly resistant to chemical attack and to extreme temperatures.

The main advantages of Wavin X-Stream system:

  • Full tightness of connections;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • Patented connection technology WAVIN "X-S";
  • Low weight of pipes and fittings;
  • High stiffness of pipes;
  • Highly resistant to all kinds of sewage;
  • Durability;
  • Minimum wear;
  • Good elasticity;
  • Resistance to mobility of ground;
  • Possibility to shorten the pipes.
Wavin X-Stream pipes are manufactured by extrusion molding - corrugation is formed on external surface, layers are welded in their contact areas. The pipes are characterized by high rigidity and lo...
Wavin X-Stream bends are made of high quality polypropylene, they are characterized by strength, durability and chemical resistance to various types of effluents. Wavin X-Stream bends are requir...
Wavin X-Stream T-pieces made of high quality polypropylene are used for connection two branches of pipeline in the one branch pipe. The T-pieces are installed an additional pipeline branch at 45 an...
Wavin X-Stream transitional connectors made of high quality polypropylene are used for installation of drainage systems and they provide transition from the Wavin X-Stream pipe to PVC pipe. Ther...
Wavin X-Stream reducers are used when installing drainage system and they provide connection fittings and pipes with different diameters. The reducers are made of high quality polypropylene, they a...
Wavin X-Stream couplings are used when installation of drainage systems. The couplings are made of polypropylene and they have high strength, durability, resistance to high temperatures and various...
Wavin X-Stream end caps are made of polypropylene, and they have high corrosion resistance. The end caps are characterized by durable and resistant to various types of effluents and high temperatur...
For installation of Wavin X-Stream drainage system you should use special O-rings which ensure tightness joints of pipes and fittings. The O-rings are made of EPDM.