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Expansion sockets of Wavin Optima PVC system

Wavin Optima expansion socket is made of non-toxic material and it is characterized by high strength.

One side of the fitting has socket with O-ring seal (made of rubber) and the second side is plain.

Inner coating of expansion socket is perfectly smooth, so scurf does not appear inside pipe.

Wavin Optima expansion socket, PP, d - 110 [Code number: 3018793 / 24346610]

Article: 3018793

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Application purposes:

  • For domestic drainage systems


Wavin Optima expansion socket is suitable for the installation of internal drainage systems, it is used for compensation temperature expansion of the pipeline.

The expansion socket is equipped with 2 sealing rings made of butadiene styrene - they are created a sealed connection.

Technical characteristics

Color: gray.

Dy L1 Z1
mm mm mm
110 270 58

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