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Filters and heads for wells

Typically, well water is produced from aquifers that contain free-flowing or unstable rocks. Accordingly, mechanical impurities can enter the production column.

To avoid this, special casing filters are used. There are several types of well filters:

  • slotted filter - it is a casing pipe, on which perforation is applied in the form of 0.4 mm slots;
  • filter with LDPE filter element, suitable for almost all non-sufficient loose and bound soils;
  • filter with a steel mesh (galoon weaving), which is used to purify water from medium and fine-grained sands.

Also included in the product group are borehole heads. They are made of high quality polyethylene and are designed for hanging loads up to 200 kg. They are equipped with rubber o-rings to seal the connection, as well as a cable gland, a coupling for fixing a PE pipe, a carabiner for hanging the pump and mounting loops that simplify the work with the head.

Photo Name Article Price
Chemkor Filter with stainless mesh for wells, d - 125*5,0 [Code number: 2282037]
2282037 7 687 rub
Chemkor PVD coated filter for wells, d - 125*5,0 [Code number: 2282038]
2282038 4 579 rub
Chemkor Slotted filter for wells, d - 125*5,0 [Code number: 2282039]
2282039 2 617 rub
Chemkor Borehole head OGS 113-127/32, PE [Code number: 2282040]
2282040 1 979 rub
Chemkor Borehole head OGS 125-165/32, PE [Code number: 2282041]
2282041 2 270 rub

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