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Valtec Tool and clips

Valtec follows a turnkey engineering supply strategy - from piping and fittings to fasteners and tools that are required during installation. This principle provides the highest quality installation of engineering systems.

The right choice of tools is one of the main factors for durable and reliable operation of engineering systems. Valtec tools ensure correct and fast assembly of heating and water supply pipelines.

Press tool       (9 Products) Показать все
VALTEC Universal electric press tool [Code number: VT.1550.UCZ.220]
66 560 rub
VALTEC Press tool EFP203 electric (without press jaws) in a plastic box [Code number: VT.EFP203.0.220]
141 719 rub
VALTEC Press tool "Power-Press SЕ" electric (without press jaws) in a steel box [Code number: VT.572111.PPSE.R220]
133 130 rub
Pipe cutters       (9 Products) Показать все
VALTEC Scissors up to DN 40 mm [Code number: VTm.395.0.160040]
1 085 rub
VALTEC Pipe cutter for steel pipes, 10-42mm [Code number: Vti.701.0.1042]
VALTEC pipe cutter, d 32 mm [Code number: VTm.397.0.160032]
2 010 rub
Calibrators       (2 Products) Показать все
VALTEC Calibrator for multilayer pipe with knives for chamfering, d 26-32-40 [Code number: VTm.396.0.263240]
468 rub
VALTEC Calibrator for multilayer pipe with knives for chamfering, d 16-20-26 [Code number: VTm.396.0.162026]
195 rub
Pipe clips       (30 Products) Показать все
VALTEC Clamp with rubber seal, with stud, d 2" (59-65 mm) [Code number: RH.09]
47 rub
VALTEC Steel pipe clamp with rubber seal, 1" (32-37mm) [Code number: RUS.833.06]
54 rub
VALTEC Clip, plastic (М), d 20 mm (Russia) [Code number: OSKM.20]
3 rub
Press jaws       (44 Products) Показать все
VALTEC Jaws for crimping tool, d 32 [Code number: VTm.294.0.32]
1 588 rub
VALTEC Electrical press-tool nozzle, standard TH, d 26 [Code number: VTm.295.TH.26]
VALTEC Press jaw for electric press tools REMS (TH standard), d 26 (price on request) [Code number: 570475]
Welding machines       (11 Products) Показать все
VALTEC Set of attachments for polypropylene welding, d 50 [Code number: VTp.797.W.000050]
1 258 rub
VALTEC Set of attachments for polypropylene welding, d 90 [Code number: VTp.797.W.000090]
3 008 rub
VALTEC Set of attachments for polypropylene welding, d 40 [Code number: VTp.797.W.000040]
736 rub
Brackets       (12 Products) Показать все
VALTEC Bracket self-snap plastic [Code number: KP.S.1620]
5 rub
VALTEC Dowel-hook double, d 16-32, length 100 mm [Code number 2.1632100]
10 rub
VALTEC Dowel-hook single, d 16-32, length 80 mm [Code number 1.1632080]
8 rub
Sealing elements       (26 Products) Показать все
VALTEC Fiber "Tangit Uni-lok" for thread sealing, length 20m [Code number: 793039]
546 rub
VALTEC Set No. 3 O-rings of EPDM, repair kit for radiator fittings [Code number: VT.KIT.3.0]
187 rub
VALTEC Set of O-rings (repair kit) 5 [Code number: VT.KIT.5.0]
Accessories       (30 Products) Показать все
VALTEC Tucker for attaching floor heating pipes [Code number: VT.T.01.1620]
5 400 rub
VALTEC Heat carrier DIXIS 65 - 20kg [Code number: ZPRT.D.65.20]
3 142 rub
VALTEC single anchor dowel, length 70 mm, d 16-25 [Code number: EKTDK.1.25070]