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Manual and electric Valtec press tool

Installation of press systems is not without the use of pressing tools.

Pressing joints has several advantages compared with other types of pipeline installation:

  • simplicity;
  • reliability;
  • high speed of installation;
  • possibility of monolithing mounted connections.

Valtec pressing tools are used for pressing of pipes and fittings with diameters from 10 to 108 mm.

There are manual and electric press tools. The electric tool operates from an alternating current source with a voltage of 220–240 V. The tool can be equipped with sound and light alarms, automatic reversal and a self-diagnostic function.

Manual press tools are suitable for pressing pipes and fittings with diameters from 16 to 32 mm.

VALTEC Press tool electric REMS "Power-Press SE" (without nozzles) in st. box (price on request) [Code number: 572111]

Article: 572111

VALTEC Hand tool kit for push-in fittings installation [Code number: VT.1240.FT.1632]

Article: VT.1240.FT.1632
Price: 39 585 rub

Purpose of application:

  • For mounting push-on fittings with a diameter of 16 to 32 mm


  • Manual expander);
  • Pressing tool;
  • Sliding and expanding nozzles (sizes from 16 mm to 32 mm);
  • Scissors for pipes with a diameter of not more than 40 mm;
  • Case for storage and transportation made of plastic.

For the manufacture of all elements of the kit, only high-quality materials are used. They are highly durable and durable.

The kit weighs 5.2 kg.


Download product data sheet: VT.1240.FT.1632 VALTEC Hand tool kit VT.1240.FT.1632

VALTEC Пресс-инструмент аккумуляторный в комплекте с зарядным устройством, d - 16-32мм (2 А*ч) [Code number: VT.1240PZ.F.1632]

Article: VT.1240PZ.F.1632
Price: 148 649 rub

VALTEC Universal electric press tool [Code number: VT.1550.UCZ.220]

Article: VT.1550.UCZ.220
Price: 71 885 rub

Purpose of application:

  • For mounting press fittings with diameter of 10 to 108 mm
  • For polymer, metal-polymer, copper pipelines, as well as stainless steel pipelines


  • Equipped with an electro-hydraulic drive - power is 490 watts. The drive operates from an alternating current source with a voltage of 220-240 V. It creates a crimping pressure of 3.2 tons;
  • There is an automatic reverse;
  • There is a light and sound alarm that reports errors in operation and the approaching maintenance period (frequency - 30 t. cycles);
  • When connected to the network, self-diagnosis is started;
  • The number of wearing parts is minimal;
  • Service life - 8 years (subject to operating conditions and not exceeding the average full resource (2 thousand machine hours);
  • Press jaws for the press tool are purchased separately: for VT.200 fittings - press jaws of the "TN" profile, for the VTi.900 series - press jaws of the "V" profile;
  • The press tool is compatible with press jaws of other brands, in particular with Rems and Novopress;
  • Supplied in a handy carrying case.

The kit weighs 4,1 kg.


Download product data sheet: VT.1550.UCZ.220 VALTEC Universal electric press tool VT.1550.UCZ.220

VALTEC Press tool "Power-Press SЕ" electric (without press jaws) in a steel box [Code number: VT.572111.PPSE.R220]

Article: VT.572111.PPSE.R220
Price: 133 130 rub

VALTEC Press tool EFP203 electric (without press jaws) in a plastic box [Code number: VT.EFP203.0.220]

Article: VT.EFP203.0.220
Price: 150 222 rub

VALTEC press tool manual with set of jaws, TH standard, d - 16-20-26-32 [Code number: VTm.293.0.160032]

Article: VTm.293.0.160032
Price: 18 627 rub

VALTEC press tool small-sized manual, with set of jaws, d - 16-20 [Code number: VTm.293.L.1620]

Article: VTm.293.L.1620
Price: 9 138 rub

Application purpose:

  • For manual pressing of fittings
  • For metal-polymer and plastic pipes with diameters of 16 and 20 mm


  • Jaws profile is TN;
  • Since there are no telescopic handles, large efforts are required for compression - approximately 150 N;
  • The force for compression of the sleeve is 10.5 kN;
  • Average resource: 5 thousand cycles;
  • Mean time between failures - 2.5 thousand cycles;
  • The handles are PVC coated;
  • Due to the presence of axial eccentrics, if excessive play occurs, the tongs can be adjusted.

Weight (without attachments): 2.49 kg.


  • 1. Handles;
  • 2. PVC protective cover;
  • 3. Rollers that protect the stops of the handles from crushing;
  • 4. Axial eccentrics;
  • 5. Half-shells to which the mounting force applied to the handles is transmitted;
  • 6. Plank;
  • 7. Button fasteners that fix the earbuds;
  • 8. Press jaws.


Download data sheet: VTm.293.L.1620 VALTEC press tool VTm.293.L.1620

[NO LONGER PRODUCED] - VALTEC Press tool "CZ" electric (without press jaws) in a steel box [Code number: VT.1550.CZ.220]

Article: VT.1550.CZ.220

[NO LONGER PRODUCED] - VALTEC EPL202 Electrical pressing tool in a plastic box (45903193-50) (price on request) [Code number: VT.EPL202.0.220]

Article: VT.EPL202.0.220


Purpose of application:

  • For crimping metal fittings with diameters from 12 to 54 mm
  • For crimping metal-polymer and PP pipes with diameters up to 110 mm


  • The shape of the tool is rod;
  • The power of the electric drive is 450 W;
  • The force on the piston is 32 kN;
  • There is an automatic reverse function;
  • Without nozzles.

Weight: 3.5 kg.


Download product data sheet: VT.EPL202.0.220 VALTEC EPL202 Electrical pressing tool

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